Lucca Comics & Games Changes 2020, the program is enriched: here are the news

Lucca Comics & Games Changes 2020, the program is enriched: here are the news
The Lucca Comics & Games Changes 2020 program has been enriched with several novelties, from the Dreamers exhibition to the one on the hundred Rodarian illustrators, while the sale of the Campfire Passes starts.

The Changes edition of Lucca Comics & Games continues to discover his cards. The most important community event in Europe dedicated to comics, games, video games, animation and fantasy imagery has been renewed in terms of use, to allow all fans of contemporary pop culture to be able to live their own festival in the safest way possible and in the preferred way.

The scheduled activities, in fact, can be enjoyed comfortably from home online and thanks to RAI or in presence in 115 specialized shops, comic shops and independent bookstores scattered throughout Italy that we call Campfire (the places where we cultivate our passions throughout the year); or in Lucca, the largest of the camps, albeit much reduced compared to the memory of the city during past editions. The site will aggregate all the digital offer transmitted through the most famous streaming platforms and the program of festival contents proposed by RAI.

The 115 campfires will offer activities carried out in collaboration with the Lucca staff. , while a dozen historic buildings in the city of Lucca will be the scenario for limited number events with limited access through the purchase of single tickets (one ticket for each event). All the events that will take place in Lucca will also be available in streaming.


Casa Rodari: a journey into the Fantastica

After Paolo Grassi, to whom Lucca Comics & Games 2019 was dedicated, Gianni Rodari is the figure who inspired Lucca Changes. One of the greatest intellectuals of the Italian twentieth century, teacher, writer, journalist but above all the one who, before the others, understood the need and urgency of an education in the imagination flanked by a full faith in childhood creativity.

A education that passes primarily through words, not because everyone must necessarily be writers, but because everyone can have the opportunity and the freedom to tell. In this very special year, in which change has profoundly affected the daily life and growth of the very young, a concrete initiative was needed to put the Master of Omegna at the center.

A space dedicated to children, an extraordinary exhibition on the 100 unpublished illustrations collected by Einaudi in the volume "One hundred Gianni Rodari. A hundred stories and nursery rhymes" but also a place for those who, as educators, teachers, animators and parents, want to rediscover and update his teachings.

Thanks to the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation, the ancient Villa Bottini (in via Elisa) will be transformed into Casa Rodari and, together with Electa and Einaudi Ragazzi, Lucca Changes will celebrate the centenary of the "fabulous Gianni" reminding everyone of the love that Rodari had for the world of comics, for an enlarged vision of culture that included innovative and original means and characters.

At Casa Rodari there will be: Pino Boero, among the major Rodarian scholars; Vanessa Roghi, historian, author of a recent biography; Gaia Stock, director of Einaudi Ragazzi, the publisher of Rodari; the actors Ascanio Celestini who will stage "La Freccia Azzurra" and Giulio Scarpati. For the little ones the show L'Albero Azzurro "Dodò and the space adventure" by RAI Ragazzi, while for educators the opportunity to participate in a free training course with the staff of the Parco della Fantasia in Omegna, hometown of Rodari, a pole of excellence in Italy.

RODARICA, on the other hand, is the project carried out together with Book on a Tree which will take shape in 2021 in order to work together with the schools of Lucca, with teachers and children who want try your hand at a KIT-DELLA FANTASIA. Activities to do together, to write and draw, erase and start over, with courage and determination, notebooks whose philosophy was born in Italy at least forty years before Keri Smith and his books on artistic activism became popular in the rest of the world.

Starting from one of the last stories written by Rodari, "The game of the four cantons", children will become bricklayers, electricians, plumbers and employees of the imagination. The best works (where the best will have an exception of momentum, jump and intelligent mockery) will be developed and presented through exhibition itineraries.

Thanks to the collaboration with the National Transplant Center, partner for the social of Lucca Changes , the festival offer is enriched by contributing to the national campaign on organ and tissue donation and transplantation Let's give the best of us, promoted by the Ministry of Health.

Identifying in the Role Play a new and immersive language to speak with to young and very young people, the festival, in collaboration with the CNT, involved game designer Michael "Mike" Alyn Pondsmith, creator of the Cyberpunk game, who embraced the cause and launched the idea for an unprecedented adventure dedicated to change written by Nicola Degobbis, master, influencer of the sector and playful entrepreneur.

The adventure will be played during Lucca Changes both in the Tuscan city and in the Campfires, involving several playful associations. Furthermore, in the second half of October, Degobbis will lead a march of adventurers by re-proposing the RPG Night Live streaming format successfully launched in 2019 and which was the protagonist of the #inerdathome campaign during the lockdown.

The operation with the CNT will end with the publication of the adventure by Need Games, co-producer together with Lucca Crea.

The over 100 novelties of the Pop-Up Game Store in Cavallerizza

In the Pop-Up Store of Lucca Changes, located in the historic structure of the former Cavallerizza (in piazzale Verdi), visitors will be able to find and buy over 100 novelties including new releases of board games and manuals role play. All the best of the Game of the second half of the year will be exhibited, with showrooms and sales of the main titles.

Asmodée, Giochi Uniti and Ravensburger are just some of the main partners that will exhibit in Cavallerizza, where there will not be only the game, but also comics, books, action-figures and Lego. Among the various spaces inside the store there is also an area dedicated to the best of comic book publishing including an ad hoc space for self-productions, with a selection of Italian and international titles. The Pop-Up Store can be accessed by showing the ticket purchased for one of the many events organized in the city or with a dedicated miniticket.

Anime Vocal Web: the online version of the music contest

Nell ' optics of change, on the occasion of Lucca Changes also the Anime Vocal Contest becomes ... Web! Thanks to the collaboration with Radio Bruno and Supersix, which also this year support the initiative, the Red Phoenix association organizes the singing competition dedicated to the world of the most popular theme songs and soundtracks, in a special online version. The home audience will be personally involved, by voting on the videos of the candidates' performances.


The dreamers also celebrated at the Doge's Palace

It will open on Saturday 24 October the Dream On exhibition, dedicated to dreamers who believe in the power of imagination, in the power of dreams, and in the importance of sharing. To those who participated in the great collective project of Lucca Changes.

The rooms of Palazzo Ducale will be dedicated to the twelve artists who were the first to create the poster of this edition. From Roberto Recchioni, who has taken on the role of narrator, to the eleven creatives called to interpret the idea of ​​a new Lucca Comics & Games, which in order to evolve must necessarily embrace change and transform itself.

An exhibition out of the ten +1 Italian authors: Gigi Cavenago, Fumettibrutti, Fraffrog, Sio, Rachele Aragno, Vincenzo Filosa, Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi, Agnese Innocente, Samuel Spano, Rita Petruccioli and the "+1" is Leo Ortolani, in homage to his saga "299 + 1", about those who started a great collective work which was attended by over 500 artists, including professionals and enthusiasts, for a great spontaneous movement, a story made up of images and ideas.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation which this year also supports the brand new Changes Prize, awarding a cash prize of 3,500 euros to the "best new cartoonist".

The Foundation since an ni supports art and Lucca Comics & Games with various activities, always showing great attention and sensitivity towards young artists. The idea of ​​a concrete support in money, to be combined with the recognition of best first work, was proposed at the festival by Roberto Recchioni, who highlighted the difficulties faced by novice cartoonists.


CAMPFIRE PASSES are on sale today!

This year the digitization of Lucca Changes also passes through the 115 outposts of the event throughout Italy. To access the Campfires, in fact, from today Tuesday 6 October the visitor will have to register on the website and purchase the Campfire Pass which will be available in two versions: standard, which entitles you to access the shop indicated during the purchase phase, and special, which also includes the Bag of Lucca.

The purchase of the Campfire Pass provides access to a webapp dedicated to the initiative where the visitor can consult the promotions offered by the sponsors or the shops themselves, consult the reserved events, check in real time the places available in each Campfire.

In the case of purchase of the Campfire Pass special, the Bag of Lucca, a special bag containing exclusive products such as : the game book containing three games specially created by game designers Pierluca Zizzi and Marta Tuveri, Stefano Castelli and Alan D'Amico and the Dreamcatcher team; two decks of Asmodée's Keyforge; the booklet of the new issues of Edizioni BD; issue 0 of the 7 Crimes of Tunué comic; a special assortment of Ghenos Games Krosmaster miniatures; and other gadgets offered by Lucart and EK shop.

In addition, in the Campfires, visitors will be able to find some preview products such as the limited edition Funko Pop of Zombie Wolverine Glow in the Dark and Iron Man. Many publishers who have chosen the Campfire network: Hasbro; Asmodée; Ravensburger; Need Games; MS Editions; Pendragon; Tunué; Shockdom; Yellow Beak; Comics Center "Andrea Pazienza"; Noise Press; BD editions; Star Comics; Sbam Comics; Poliniani Editore; Diabolo Editions; Mondadori Libri.


The new ally of Lucca Changes

The digital offer of Lucca Changes can count on an exceptional technical partner to face the 2020 challenge: 3Labs, publisher of, MobileLabs, OffersLabs, MotorLabs, GameDivision, Cultura Pop, B2BLabs, SpazioGames, TechRadar Italia, TrueMetal, as well as a network of influencers active on all major platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok , Twich and Facebook).

"We are proud to collaborate in this revolutionary edition of Lucca Comics & Games; we will make available all the experience as publishers gained over years of managing multiple information sites and as a management of talents with millions of followers ", says Andrea Ferrario, CEO of 3Labs srl. "As a frequent visitor to Lucca Comics & Games it is a dream for me to support Lucca Changes with my company and work on a new frontier of online, participatory and universal events", adds Roberto Buonanno, Owner of 3Labs srl.


Space for all collateral initiatives: Lucca Changes is born - OFF Program

The affection of our community and the desire to be part of Lucca Changes demonstrated by the many requests received in recent months, prompted the staff of Lucca to devise a new method of inclusion in the Lucca Changes event. Thus was born the OFF Program with online activities (Digital-OFF), throughout Italy (Camp-OFF) or in Lucca (Lucca-OFF). Present itself as an "OFF activity!" it's simple: just send an email to with a description of the activity, the place where it takes place, the date and time), all requests will be evaluated and a reply will be sent to each proposal. br> The Program OFF! it will therefore be populated by activities proposed by the community that will take place from 29 October to 1 November, in conjunction with Lucca Changes, for example with gaming sessions on Discord or Twitch direct (Digital-OFF); with activities in recreational associations, libraries or museums (Camp-OFF); with the theme dressing of one's own business or organizing artistic / authorial activities in the city premises (Lucca-OFF).

There are many different ways of feasible initiatives that can be included in the OFF! Program, as long as they are relevant to the fantastic world of Lucca Changes. The OFF Program! it will then be available on the festival website, from where members can also download a dedicated kit of graphic contents to personalize their OFF event!


In the year of change, of experimentation, the old Lucca that we all know will be only in still life, or almost ... in the volume published by Rizzoli for Mondadori Electa: LUCCA COMICS & GAMES: Stories and images of the Pop Culture Festival. Edited by Christian Hill.

The volume, which will be in bookstores from October 20th, is available for pre-order from today. A unique journey, among the faces and images of Lucca Comics & Games, photographs, stories, anecdotes, curiosities and interviews with the protagonists and the most prominent guests. The vision of Christian Hill will guide the reader, who will accompany us to discover the values ​​of the festival and its hidden, unpredictable and incredible sides.

The volume represents the first illustrated monograph of Lucca Comics & Games and a rarity in festivals. "The photographic archive of Lucca Comics & Games is an ocean of images and sensations. I think I have found a route - one of the infinite possible routes - to describe this festival. Some images were already known islands, safe harbors. Others, lands for unexplored me. What a thrill! " Christian Hill.

Further updates on the Lucca Changes program will be released starting today; Monday 12 October will open the sale of tickets to attend one or more events held in Lucca.

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