Genshin Impact: A big update is coming!

Genshin Impact: A big update is coming!
With a video published on Youtube, the Chinese development house MiHoYo has unveiled the new update coming to Genshin Impact on November 11th, entitled “A New Star Approaches”!

But what will be added with version 1.1 of the video game?

Four new additions enrich the roster of characters: two Five Stars and two Four Stars!

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Zhongli: Earth Spearman.

Xinyan: Fire Swordsman.

Diona: Ice Archer.

Further important changes and additions I'm:

New chapters of History concerning Liyue will be added. Storable Original Resins will be increased from 120 to 160! A “portable” Waypoint will be added. A command will be inserted to filter searches among your artifacts. It will be possible to see at a glance which characters have certain weapons / artifacts with the inclusion of a small avatar in the inventory! We will be able to block artifacts and weapons so as not to accidentally use them to level up other weapons or artifacts! It will be possible to start modifying the key setup and controller configuration, although a full version will be released much later. An encyclopedia will be added to be able to check the description of the objects and how to obtain them. A quick command will be added to eat food during battles. When a weapon is upgraded, but it is already at its maximum level, our experience points will be returned to us! The characters will be usable even if they are sent on an expedition. A Reputation system will be introduced with which to obtain rewards. Finally, a seasonal (co-op) event called Unreconciled Stars will be added. Within this event, new missions will also find space and as a reward there will also be a 4-star character: Fischl. We just have to wait until November 11 to try all these news!

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Genshin Impact: A big update is coming! on October 31, 2020 by CS_cavallo

With a video published on Youtube, the Chinese development house MiHoYo has unveiled the new update arriving on Genshin Impact on November 11, entitled "A New Star Approaches"! But what will come…

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