Does Hideo Kojima have many ideas on his mind, including Death Stranding 2?

Does Hideo Kojima have many ideas on his mind, including Death Stranding 2?
Just a few weeks ago, we had some really exciting news; Hideo Kojima and his team are back to work on a new project. What this new work is we are not yet given to know, but from the images we know that for now the Japanese team is focusing on the artistic and musical side. Now, however, in a new interview, the Japanese game designer has returned to talk about his creative method.

Specifically, Kojima has returned to talk about some photos he shared on his Twitter profile a few months ago . At the time, many thought that the team was already working on the sequel to Death Strandig, but today Hideo Kojima confirms that those sketches are just ideas that flashed in his mind long ago. “They are just fragments of new ideas. When I'm working on a new game, I always think about new things, but it's nothing concrete. "

“Several times I start creating various sketches, and day after day I go back to those ideas to review them. Sometimes I also show them to other people, such as Yoji Shinkawa when he sits next to me. " Now we know something more about Kojima's creation method but not only that, we have had confirmation that those old drawings were not connected to a sequel to Death Stranding, even if the last word is not said for a sequel to the latest work of Kojima Production.

What is certain is that it will take some time before we find out what Hideo Kojima and his team are working on. What do you think of the recent statements by the beloved Japanese game designer? Tell us yours by leaving a comment in the dedicated section.

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