Amazon and the long season of online shopping

Amazon and the long season of online shopping
The decision to bring forward Black Friday by a few weeks with a continuous succession of offers and discounts will allow Amazon to maintain high sales volumes at least from now to the end of November, giving life to what can be defined as a long season of online shopping started at the beginning of October with Prime Day.

Amazon, a golden quarter despite the postponement of Prime Day

A perspective also underlined by number one Jeff Bezos in his speech to comment on Group's latest quarterly, ended September 30.

We are seeing more and more customers shopping early for holiday gifts. It's just one of the signs that this is going to be an unprecedented Christmas season.

The CEO, who we remember being among other things the richest man in the world, also highlighted the economic efforts and initiatives implemented in order to protect employees and recognize their commitment at a time that is certainly not as simple as the one we have been through. In May, the company invested 4 billion dollars in order to adopt tools and measures for their safety. A figure very similar to the one that the company has already planned to spend between now and December for the same purpose.

Focusing on the financial results of the quarterly, even without Prime Day (postponed to 13-14 October) were record-breaking: revenues of 96.1 billion dollars compared to 70 billion twelve months ago and a net profit of 6.3 billion compared to 2.1 billion a year ago.

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