Lucca Changes: Need Games presents Dishonored, Cyberpunk RED and much more

Lucca Changes: Need Games presents Dishonored, Cyberpunk RED and much more
At Lucca Changes, the publisher Need Games announced all the news regarding the world of role-playing games. In addition to the titles already announced for release during the Tuscan event, the Milanese company has announced everything that will be released before Christmas, and some previews for the editorial lines of 2021.

Let's start immediately without getting lost in too many preambles because , as you will see, Need Games novelties for role-playing games are not few.

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Need Games, role-playing games to be released by Christmas

Not happy with the news for Lucca Changes, Need Games has announced more new titles coming later this year.

It starts with two manuals for Adventures in Middle-earth, two modules dedicated to the world of dwarves or Regional Guide: Lonely Mountain and Adve nture in Erebor, where players will be able to find hints of the setting, adventures and new rules dedicated to the North.

Regional Guide: Terre di Bree also officially closes the line, which in a similar way recounts places and legends of the region that it hosts the famous inn of the Prancing Foal. At the same time, Need Games has also hinted that it is in talks for the new edition of The One Ring of Free League.

Continuing with Old-School Essentials, Need Games will bring to Italy by the end of the year the expansion of the game, namely Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy. The references are, this time, to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and the new materials will contain the Druid and Illusionist classes, the ability to play Class-Race combinations, new rules for combat and much more.

The support for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay obviously continues, which is enriched by the first chapters of the re-edition of the historic imperial campaign "The Enemy Inside", with two manuals called Il Enemico dell'Ombra (which contains Il Enemico Dentro and Shadows over Bogenhafen) and Compendium to the Enemy of the Shadow which, as the name implies, is a guide to the campaign.

As for Vampires, the Masquerade will arrive later this year The Fall of London , a complete chronicle compatible with V5 of course, and later other news will arrive exclusively in PDF for the editorial line.

As previously announced, the definitive edition of The King in Yellow will arrive - the Role Play, or four manuals enclosed in a luxurious box that also becomes the narrator's screen, with four adventures set in different parts of the world and historical eras.

Finally, surprise in surprise, Need Games porte the role-playing game of Dishonored will be in Italy. Obviously inspired by the award-winning Arkane videogame series, the game is based on the 2d20 system, will allow you to play many different types of characters, and the focus of the narrative is centered on solving objectives in different ways depending on the approach, just like it happens in the videogame.

Need Games, role-playing games coming out in 2021

The first release announced for 2021, scheduled for the first half of the year, is obviously Cyberpunk RED.

The definitive version of the highly anticipated role-playing game by Mike Pondsmith, of which Need Games has already edited the Jumpstart Kit. The complete manual will be over 400 pages, of which 100 are dedicated to lore only, and with the obviously complete rules to live the adventures on a tightrope in Night City.

Need Help thinks about how to write adventures that don't suck Vol. 1 & 2, a manual that like the name suggests is meant for storytellers and dungeon masters who like to write their own adventures, and who need some tips and advice to create epic narratives.

Cthulhu Confidential is a very special product, because it is a manual which contains four pulp adventures set in various cities around the world, but the peculiarity of the game system lies in being designed for two players. A narrator and an investigator can experience the adventures featured in the manual guided by the quickshot gumshoe system, designed precisely to encourage the narrative.

The Warhammer line expands with Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound, a manual that allows you to create characters epic in the Mortal Realms, based on the same d6 pool system that drives Wrath & Glory, and which promises to stage fast and frantic adventures.

Finally, for 2021, it comes to the confirmation of a project that we already knew: Zombicide Chronicles. Written with Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, the game is obviously inspired by the second edition of the most famous CMON boardgame, is based on an original system and will somehow be compatible with the same board game even if Need Games was not wanted. unbutton further.

Need Games, the original products

During Lucca Changes, Need Games announced that it intends to begin the production of original intellectual properties, which will also be distributed worldwide. The first of other games that are in the works is Fabula Ultima, a TTJRPG by Emanuele Galletto.

Fabula Ultima relies heavily on the dynamics of JRPG, the Japanese role-playing video games. From aesthetics to themes, as well as to the settings that will be supplements that will range from high fantasy to magitech, for all the other more classic fantasy settings. The characters can go up to level 50, the fight will be based on combos and weaknesses to be discovered with lots of phases regarding the most impressive bosses. Among the many game design concepts, the death of the characters will not be in the hands of the narrator, but the players who will have to sacrifice themselves in pure JRPG style. Fabula Ultima will be available in November 2021.

The latest product in Need Games’s mammoth presentation is RIDE Infinity, the publisher’s first game book. Obviously based on Fabio Guaglione's film, RIDE Infinity is a book game that will be played with 1d20 and a minimal regulation to manage the equipment, in which you will have to perform incredible stunts but also moral choices, just like in the film of the same name. The game book is out for a generic 2021.

Are you looking for the news coming out during the Lucca Changes event? On the dedicated Amazon store you can find everything available for shipping just a click away!

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