Cloud and 5G: Marvell buys Inphi for 10 billion

Cloud and 5G: Marvell buys Inphi for 10 billion
New day, new acquisition in the hi-tech sector: after that of Xilinx announced yesterday by AMD (for 35 billion), today it is the turn of the American Inphi which passes under the control of Marvell against a cash and stock investment with a total quantified value in 10 billion dollars.

Inphi is the acquisition of Marvell for cloud and 5G

Marvell's stated goal is to strengthen its position in market of hardware solutions to be used for the cloud and infrastructures for 5G, gaining shares against competitors (Broadcom above all). It will do so by exploiting the technology developed by Inphi which leverages the use of fiber optic cables instead of copper to manage data transfer with hundreds of times higher speeds.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have already entrusted the company with setting up data centers through which to deliver their online services.

Marvell's headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, but its registered office is in Bermuda. Following the acquisition, the two companies (Marvell and Inphi) will become subsidiaries of a new US holding. The definitive closure of the operation is expected by the second half of next year.

Staying on the subject, last month NVIDIA reached out to ARM with a monstre investment of 40 billion dollars, inheriting it from the Japanese SoftBank .

Source: Marvell

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