Mini PC: in 150 euros there is everything you need

Mini PC: in 150 euros there is everything you need
Even today it is a Mini PC that gets noticed among the offers available on Amazon: it is not only low costs added by important discounts, but also an extremely high demand that is marking an important trend in this particular market phase.

Mini PC, yet another opportunity that is snapped up

The Mini PCs are in fact an ideal solution when the investment must be low (151.99 euros 189.99 euros) and space not much available (12 × 12 cm is enough), making them ideal companions for school and work when the needs are navigation and productivity without particular ambitions in gaming or on the image front.

Inevitably, those who suddenly find themselves having to work from home can find all q in similar solutions when necessary: ​​there is HDMI to connect to a monitor (or a TV, or even to a dual display); there is USB for mouse, keyboard and webcam; there is an RJ-45 connection for the Internet; there is the possibility of connecting a microphone and headphones; there is space for an SD Card. Nothing else is needed and special holes also allow you to screw the device onto the back of a monitor to take up as little space as possible.

With 151.99 euros, in short, you have a available a complete workstation with Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 processor and 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM. The pre-installed operating system is Windows 10 Pro and the hard disk provides 64GB of space. The wireless card is also included, so the station can also be far from any connectors to the network. A real workstation, in short, now available with a 20% discount at the best price ever experienced.

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