FIFA 21, FUT: Week 4, Season 1 Weekly Challenges, Our Guide

FIFA 21, FUT: Week 4, Season 1 Weekly Challenges, Our Guide


Each week, FIFA 21's FUT mode will give you a wide range of challenges to complete. Accessible on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, so you will all be affected by these challenges. More or less difficult to achieve, they will be essential if you want to unlock all the stages of the current season! To help you, here is our guide for the weekly fifa 21 challenges week 4 of season 1.

As a reminder, the weekly objectives are classified according to 3 ranks: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will have to complete all the challenges of your rank to unlock the next one. Some are easy, while others may give you some trouble. Nevertheless, it is possible to be tricky with a few tips that will allow you not to spend too much time completing these challenges!

The challenges of the Bronze tier

List of the Bronze challenges:

3 matches (315 XP): Play 3 matches in any FUT mode 3 goals (473 XP): Score 3 goals in any FUT mode 3 assists (315 XP): Address 3 assists in 3 matches in any FUT mode 3 wins (473 XP): Win 3 matches in any mode This week the Bronze tier requires at least 3 matches to be completed. In order to ensure that you only play 3 matches, it is therefore advisable to complete these 4 challenges in Team Clash matches. Choose whatever difficulty is right for you in these matches, but make sure you win them all!

Experience bonus once all the Bronze challenges have been completed: 175 XP

The challenges of the Silver level

List of the Silver challenges:

Offensive device (315 XP): Play a match in any FUT mode with 4 attackers among the starters. Forwards must have the attacking styles of play (BU, AG, AD, AT) but are not required to be posted to these specific positions, even if this allows for optimal composition to play. You can also find our guide on offensive formations.

Shaving and pressed (788 XP): Scoring with a low shot in Clahs of teams at minimum Semi-pro level. To perform a low level shot you must simultaneously use the keys L1 + R1 + / LB + RB + B.

'Complete midfielder (945 XP): Provide an assist and score in the same match Clashes of minimum Semi-pro level teams with midfielders For this challenge, assists and goals with MG / MD are also taken into account, don't forget them!

Winning Big (1103 XP): Win 2 games by at least 2 goals gaps in any FUT mode Game modes like Mystery Balls often favor big goal differences can help you to complete this challenge, or the team clash modes.

This level can be achieved in just 2 matches. The Offensive Device, Shaving and Supporting, and Full Midfield challenges can be completed in a single Team Battles match at the Semi-Pro level. They will require a little concentration but are easily achievable at the same time. You will then have won your match with at least two goals difference and all you have to do is win another match with two goals difference to finish Winning by a large margin.

Experience bonus once all Silver challenges completed: 425 XP

The challenges of the Gold tier

List of Gold challenges:

EPL and Serie A victories (866 XP): Win a match Team clashes at minimum Pro level with at least 2 players from each of the following championships among the holders: Premier League and Serie A To facilitate the achievement of this challenge, orient yourself towards the teams which have low marks in general and in collective.

Serie A assists (866 XP): Provide 2 assists in Team clashes at minimum Pro level with a Serie A player Victory is not mandatory, so be sure not to quit your matches in which you have given assists with Serie A players, under penalty of taking much more you mps to complete this challenge.

Connection League (866 XP): Score with a Serie A player and address an assist with a Premier League player in the same match Rivals Premier League in Rivals (866 XP) : Win 2 Rivals matches with at least one Premier League player among the holders 3,500 Rivals Points (2,310 XP): Earn 3,500 Rivals Points You should complete this challenge quickly as you go through your Rivals matches. Just make sure you don't leave matches until the end. Even defeats earn you points.

Experience bonus once all the Gold challenges have been completed: 642 XP

The Gold tier will require more concentration on your part, its difficulty is greater than 2 previous rows. Once again, the difficulty is higher, but the XP bonuses are definitely higher too! With the Gold tier, a total of 5,774 experience points await you!

This week, you will be able to pocket a total of 11,101 experience points once all the challenges have been completed.

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