Snapchat, augmented reality Halloween costumes arrive

Snapchat, augmented reality Halloween costumes arrive

Based on 3D Full Body Tracking technology, they can realistically follow body movements

(Photo: Snapchat) The new Snapchat lenses are dedicated to Halloween with a series of costumes to wear virtually thanks to augmented reality in perfect respect of the social distancing for Covid-19. Based on 3D Full Body Tracking technology, they will be able to realistically follow body movements so as to send engaging videos to friends.

Snapchat is the app that most of all has undergone the frightening growth of TikTok, which has become in short time the point of reference especially for younger users. But the creature born nine years ago by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, three Stanford University students has recently renewed itself by introducing sounds in so-called Snaps and continuing to provide new filters and lenses to engage its subscribers. br>
(Photo: Snapchat) The latest news winks at the Halloween of the increasingly widespread lock-downs globally and the #stateacasa to offer a virtual experience as realistic as possible. From the previous 2D body tracking technology, which tracked body movements in a superficial way, we moved to a three-dimensional detection capable of recognizing 18 joints from the legs to the arms passing through the neck and torso so as to make the virtual layers adhere strictly. br>
There are ten lenses for Halloween and they embrace the costumes types of the October 31st party, therefore pumpkins, skeletons, witches, zombies, but also funny hot dog dancers. Thanks to neural networks, the interaction between what the smartphone camera is framing and the digital enriched layer will be even more precise.

To take advantage of the Snapchat lenses dedicated to Halloween, you will naturally have to open - or download the app for iOS or Android - and then retrieve them in the Explore section at the bottom right of the internal interface. From there, just tap on "World" and then choose the desired lens, so you can apply it to a Snap and then share it with your friends.

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