Google URL2Video: from web page to video

Google URL2Video: from web page to video
In the not too distant future, it will be possible to create a video in a completely automatic way, leaving the artificial intelligence to take care of the editing and assembly phase, starting from the information present within a Web page. This is the function of the technology called URL2Video and developed by Google researchers.

Google's AI creates a video from the content of a page

The Mountain View group has it described in a document titled Automatic Video Creation From a Web Page. Below is a diagram that illustrates in a rather explanatory way which are the steps managed by the algorithms starting from the input (the address of the page), passing through the analysis of the contents and finally reaching the output (the movie returned at the output). br>

The layout and style will be generated taking into consideration factors such as the language used on the site and the images. In any case, the user will have the possibility to act on settings such as the aspect ratio of the result and to intervene by customizing each section.

URL2Video is not yet a product intended for the general public: it is currently in development and in an experimental phase. Google has not disclosed how long it will take to wait before being able to test it, but speaking of perspectives, it stated that it intends to integrate in the future new features dedicated to voice over, among other things, or the overlapping of a voiceover to comment on the images and animations shown. .

Source: Google Research

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