Lesson on Pornhub: off to sex education video courses

Lesson on Pornhub: off to sex education video courses

The red light portal publishes a series of educational videos on sex and health, edited by doctors and experts. There is also one about safe sex during the pandemic

Pornhub creates a series dedicated to sex education (source: Pornhub) Is it possible to use porn as a source of education? Given the poor sex education provided in schools, for many teenagers the answer seems to be "yes" even if, in fact, a porn video certainly does not provide appropriate education in this regard.

Therefore Pornhub, the leading online destination for adult entertainment, has launched Pornhub Sex Ed, a new video series that provides key information and advice on sex education for viewers through the instruction of sexual health and wellness experts. The channel is also accessible to those under 18.

"For many people, their first real exposure to sexual imagery comes from popular culture, where drama and the value of entertainment distort real sex," he said Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, in a note.

The red light entertainment site uploaded the series to the platform and into the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, a portal that provides users with information and advice on sexuality, sexual health and relationships. With the first 11 videos released, Pornhub aims to provide viewers with correct information on male and female anatomy, communication during intercourse, masturbation and sexually transmitted diseases. All important information for healthy sexual activity.

There is also a video in the series that explains how to have safe sex during the Covid-19 emergency. All videos are commented by doctors, experts and researchers. “Our mission is to share quality information and we continue to explore ways we can do this not only in an educational, but also a fun way. Many people have questions about sex, so we hope our series will also provide the images to answer those questions, ”commented Laurie Betito, director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.

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