The e-commerce race, Shopify's success

The e-commerce race, Shopify's success
If the first pandemic wave had caught many unprepared and had intrigued not a few merchants on the prospects of e-commerce, the second wave comes on a mat of more mature awareness: the consequence is that the race for e-commerce is always growing accelerated and the results of this trend are easily understandable in the growth data of a service such as Shopify.

Shopify, 2020 is a golden year

The group has just announced how the third quarter of the year recorded a growth of 96% compared to the same period of the previous year, when resistance to e-commerce was still strong and when no one yet imagined what Covid-19 could have entailed. Shopify, thanks to the low cost of access and the speed with which it is able to bring a sales activity online, has proved to be one of the most popular choices and the numbers photograph a moment of growth that would not have been conceivable without everything what Covid has determined on markets around the world.

According to Shopify, all this not only measures Shopify's ability to answer a specific question, but also testifies to the great spirit of adaptation that commerce organically demonstrates in the face of difficulties: small shops and small businesses, with investments minimum and great flexibility in interpreting the new context, have moved their activities online. Who better and who worse, who in advance and who with extreme delay, but for everyone Shopify represented a safe haven to entrust their hopes to come out "less worse" from this 2020. For some shopkeepers it was a turning point, for others it was a fundamental crutch: for Shopify it was an unparalleled year that in this last quarter will be able to further increase in intensity.

Among the innovations that the group is developing there is an integration with TikTok for Business that aims to integrate the two services and open more promotional possibilities on the platform: the future of e-commerce also passes through this type of activity, pushing the trade towards a more dense dialogue with new communities and new catchment areas.

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