Mercedes, spotted during testing the new G550 4 × 4²

Mercedes, spotted during testing the new G550 4 × 4²
Judging by some images that have appeared on the net for a couple of days, it seems that Mercedes-Benz is preparing to release an updated and even worse version of its G-Class 4 × 4 to the second one.

Based on the Class G550, the 4 × 4² (or Squared) is equipped with many features dedicated to off-road, derived from the G-Class 6 × 6 that Mercedes developed for military use and then sold, for a short period, also on the civil market with a limited production.

The photos released on the net show us a current generation G550, equipped with side fender wings and portal axles already seen on the previous G550 4 × 4 Squared model. A roof rack is clearly visible on the roof, new headlights and exhausts revised in position; the current version in fact mounts side exhausts, which on the new model do not seem to be present.

The G550 4 × 4 Squared currently on the market offers a ground clearance of 43cm, and judging from the photos it seems that history has not changed. We also hope to find permanent four-wheel drive, reduced gears, three blocks for the differentials and obviously the aforementioned portal axles on the new Squared. The latter are essential to raise the machine from the ground, as unlike conventional axles, the portal axles do not have the wheel mounted directly at the end, but lower down thanks to the presence of individual transmission portals.

To date Mercedes has not officially claimed to be working on a new G550 4 × 4², but judging by the advanced design state of the spotted prototype, we expect a debut in the near future, almost certainly in 2021 as a model 2022 - the same period during which we expect the release of the AMG version based on the G63 instead.

The current G550 is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine with double turbine, capable of unleashing 416 horsepower, with a 9-speed automatic gearbox.

If you are interested in this vehicle, get ready to shell out a really important figure: the latest version marketed in fact cost over 200 thousand euros, about 50 thousand euros more than the AMG variant, and we suspect that the new model can reach an even higher price threshold.

The future of the G-Class includes other innovations; Mercedes has been working on an all-electric EQC prototype for some time, and sooner or later the G-Class will receive the same treatment as well.

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