Marvel Snap: The best decks with Hit Monkey

Marvel Snap: The best decks with Hit Monkey

Marvel Snap

Welcome to the intense and rich April of Marvel Snap. It's a decidedly disconnected month from the ordinary, as it brings with it some bold updates for the future of the card game, as well as a brilliantly designed card. Going forward, Marvel Snap will boast a buff and nerf patch every Thursday. A sensational news if we think that the lack of constant support has always been a curse for other titles of its kind. Every gamer dreams of this kind of care and support, so there's great anticipation for the fate of the Second Dinner creation. At the beginning of April, however, the new card was released in the usual season pass: Hit Monkey.

Its arrival was widely appreciated by many enthusiasts, who for several weeks had already been buzzing about its possible uses in terms of deckbuilding. The card, which comes with zero power and 2 energy cost, has a unique power of its kind. She will gain +2 strength for every other card played with her this turn. It goes without saying that its flexibility allows it to find space in the combination of many existing decks, but also unexpected synergies. Here are some decks that are doing very well online with Hit Monkey and some of our suggestions. We remind you that if you are interested we have also made the complete guide to Marvel Snap with all the tips and decks.



Wasp Yellowjacket Ant-Man Bast Adam Warlock Angela Hit Monkey Mysterio Bishop Thor Valkyrie Jane Foster The Mighty Thor The first deck we offer you with Hit Monkey is rather atypical. Deciding what to rank in this guide is very complicated, but we assure you that this creation has a very high probability of bringing home many cubes. It's basically a very fast deck, incorporating some key elements of the existing Bounce deck. Bast, Angela, Mysterio and Bishop are among the most powerful cards ever to complement our little monkey and allow for very solid turns right from the start. Secondly, the structure of the deck was designed to find an important victory condition in the two Thors.

On the one hand, putting Mjolnir in the deck empowers Thor, but it also allows you to have an extra card to play with Hit Monkey. The presence of many cards at no cost therefore wants to validate the engine of the deck, i.e. Mighty Thor , and make it an incredible tool in turn 5. In the last turn it will be enough for you to use all the low cost cards and enhance Angela and Bishop on the field to win, perhaps together with Hit Monkey.



Bast Adam Warlock Hit Monkey Psylocke Ironheart Mystique Gambit Wolfsbane Mister Negative Wong Iron Man Magik Every time we see zero power on a new card in Marvel Snap we can only think of Mister Negative. It's one of the most fun deck-building cards in the entire game. The goal is to bet on him in turn 4, and then benefit from the discounted cards drawn. Hit Monkey, in this sense, would become a free draw after Mr Negative and could be played in combos with many other cards. If you fail to arrive at this combination during the game, you can take advantage of cards like Wong and Gambit to win in another way .



The Hood Bast Iceman Korg Angela Hit Monkey Black Widow Beast Falcon Bishop Darkhawk America Chavez Every Marvel Snap meta we know for sure that Darkhawk will find the space of him somehow. In this version of the Bounce (deck that uses effects to take cards back into hand) we offer you a very strong interaction to enhance both Darkhawk and Hit Monkey. The mammoth presence of characters like Beast and Falcon gives enormous value and Korg , so as to do it again and again. After a few turns you will have already placed many rocks in the opponent's deck and Darkhawk will be more than happy about it. America Chavez is also an important piece, because it guarantees a last thick turn to take impossible locations or make up for the lack of the monkey.


The Hood Bast Iceman Angela Hit Monkey Black Widow Beast Falcon Bishop Enchantress Valkyrie America Chavez This is the most classic Hit Monkey list in all of Marvel Snap. Already many days before its release there were discussions about how to enhance the card and almost everyone agrees with this pack of characters. Beast and Falcon remain the two engines of the deck to generate value and more disruptive turns, while Bishop and Angela want to maintain their presence in the locations. We also decided to include Enchantress and Valkyrie to prevent the deck from losing from Shuri and other very annoying continuous effects. The essence of Shang-Chi is, unfortunately, hard to sustain, so you'll need cards that can counter the best of opponents' plays.


Sunspot Human Torch Iron Fist Hit Monkey Cloack Vulture Shang-Chi Enchantress Miles Morales Vision America Chavez Thanos This deck is our original proposal and wishes to address two important shortcomings of Hit Monkey decks: reaching impossible locations and fishing efficiently. A mini department of cards that can move will allow you to better manage the space on the playing field and also score many points unexpectedly. Iron Fist and Cloack are among the best low-cost cards, which boast the effect of being able to move characters to other locations. Thanos, on the other hand, will grant you his precious gems and, therefore, a high game speed. Gems are very useful to enhance Hit Monkey even more, thin out the deck and offer stability of their own, without the need for particular cards in combos.

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