Fryers | The best of 2023

Fryers | The best of 2023

What are the best fryers? In this article we want to answer this question, offering you a detailed review of the products that we believe to be the best in this sector, in order to advise you on the best purchase for your needs. Our goal is therefore to allow you not only to buy the best items, but also to meet your needs and the use you will make of this product.

Read also: Air fryers | The best of 2023 We have updated this article by adding some ideas that you can use to choose your next air fryer as accurately as possible. In particular, we have enriched the descriptive part, allowing you to have more information on this type of product and to make you completely independent in choosing this specific type of kitchen item.

As you know, in fact, there are many items with different characteristics in terms of power, functionality and type of use. Naturally, there are also various products divided into price ranges, starting from those with few features and sold at very low prices, to those that are decidedly more powerful but available at decidedly less advantageous prices. It should also be specified that fryers are nothing more than useful kitchen tools, which allow you to fry any food through oil or air. Operation varies according to the type of article and the same goes for the functions, which is why we have at the bottom of the article you can find a lot of useful information that will guide you in your choice.

All the products in this list have been carefully selected based on their technical characteristics, but also their quality/price ratio. So, without going around it yet, we present the buying guide on the best fryers. We wish you a good shopping and good frying.

The best fryers

2200W Aigostar fryer Moulinex AM3140 Moulinex Ez3018 Easy Fry Compact De'Longhi F28311.W1 Philips HD9652/90 Airfryer XXL

2200W Aigostar fryer

The first product in this buying guide is the Aigostar fryer. It is an article with excellent potential and is marketed at a very attractive price. This fryer has a 2200W system and is capable of holding up to three liters of oil, at a temperature ranging between 130 and 190 degrees Celsius. It is the perfect item for making a variety of fried delicacies such as fish, chips, chicken, pancakes and so much more. Clearly, it boasts overheating protection which kicks in automatically when it detects an anomaly.


Moulinex AM3140

Moulinex is an established brand in the industry and produces articles with good technical specifications, naturally characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio. Among these, we want to recommend the purchase of the Moulinex AM3140 fryer, which can cook up to 1.5 kg of food for up to six people, thanks to its capacity to contain up to 2.2 liters of oil. This product is easy to use, integrates a built-in digital timer, a porthole and a temperature regulator. In addition, it has a comfortable handle that allows you to lift it without lifting the lid, so you can fry without dirtying or splashing the kitchen.


Moulinex Ez3018 Easy Fry Compact

The third product of this particular buying guide is the Moulinex Ez3018 Easy Fry Compact air fryer. It is an item that allows you to prepare a large quantity of food, maintaining very compact dimensions, and therefore ideal for small kitchens. It has six preset modes in order to cook quickly. In addition, it has a 30-minute digital timer with auto shut-off and audible signal, as well as a large digital touchscreen panel. Clearly, like all self-respecting products in this category, all components are removable and dishwasher safe.


De'Longhi F28311.W1

The De'Longhi F28311.W1 is one of the best oil fryers. It has a Rotofry rotating basket which, through some oscillations, is immersed in and out of the oil, to guarantee fried and crunchy foods. It can also count on the Easy Clean System, in order to remove the oil quickly and easily, thus leaving the tank always clean and boasts an adjustable thermostat from 150 to 190 degrees centigrade to choose the correct temperature based on your recipes.


Philips HD9762/90 Airfryer XXL

The buying guide officially ends with the latest product, namely the Philips HD9762/90 Airfryer XXL fryer. We're talking about an excellent air fryer, not only because it has an impressive capacity (in pure terms of litres), but also boasts significant functions that can better adapt to any need. First of all, it boasts Twin TurboStar technology, i.e. a powerful vortex of hot air that envelops the entire cooking basket, and therefore becomes perfect for all those who wish to fry, roast, grill or simply cook. Furthermore, it is compatible with the Fat Reducer system which reduces the proliferation of fat from food and traps it at the bottom of the cooking basket. Finally, it includes an easy-to-control digital interface, which allows you to select the cooking programs and other little software goodies.


How to choose the best fryers

After taking a look at our review of the best products on this market, it is necessary to explain how a fryer works and, above all, what are the main characteristics, which we will report below.

Typology General characteristics Structure e Capacity Performance Functionality Accessories


Before choosing your fryer, you need to choose the type, since there are products with different specifications. First of all, we find the oil fryers, which use frying oil to cook food, and the air fryers, which use hot air and a pinch of oil. Clearly, as we have specified, based on the two types, the technical specifications and structure also change accordingly.

Basically, all products have different shapes, namely rectangular or square, in addition to the presence of a basket with a large bowl or with vertical extraction (as in the case of those with oil). Some also have a removable lid with or without a transparent window, which allows you to eliminate the problem of oil splashes or to check cooking during operation.

Over time, fryers have changed shape, so much so that the latest generation ones have more rounded and less angular shapes as in the past. In addition, they also have a rotating basket, which allows you to ensure uniform cooking of all the foods inside. There are clearly several cooking programs, especially for the air-frying variants, and some anti-odour filters to avoid unpleasant odors in one or more rooms.

It should also be emphasized that air fryers are also considered as powerful electric ovens, and therefore enjoy additional functions that should not be underestimated if you want to cook many other foods, in a different way than usual. Basically, oil fryers are suitable for those who want traditional frying, while air fryers are recommended for people who want to eat healthily, without giving up fried foods.

General characteristics< /h3> As we have widely anticipated, there are two families of fryers on the market, the first which includes all the oil-fed ones (traditional ed), while the second includes all the air-fed ones. The latter are of the latest generation, and have some technologies that allow you to effectively avoid the use of oil to fry food. Having explained the two large families on the market, we can naturally find the professional, semi-professional and traditional ones.

Structure and Capacity

The fryers have different structures, and vary according to the type purchased . There are professional ones that do not have a lid and have a parallelepiped shape, while the classic ones have a more oval structure and boast an automated or non-automated lid. In the first case, we suggest the purchase to true professionals, i.e. those who are used to frying every day; while, in the second case, we recommend the purchase to all the others, since traditional fryers are easy to use.

As far as capacity is concerned, this aspect must be evaluated on the basis of the quantity - expressed in kilograms - of foods it may contain. Clearly, a larger fryer is suitable for large families, while smaller ones for smaller ones. We can therefore group these products into:

Small. Those with a maximum capacity of approximately 1.2 liters (households of up to four people) Medium. Those with a maximum capacity between 1.5 and 2.3 liters (households with a maximum of 4-6 people) Large. Those with a maximum capacity of 3 or 4 liters (larger families)


The factor represented by performance is very important before making the purchase. A high-performance product guarantees reduced oil heating times and constant maintenance of the oil temperature for a longer time. Therefore, a good fryer must satisfy these last two conditions. It must be considered that, in order to cook food in the best possible way, it is essential to place it in oil at an optimal temperature.

Generally, a good fryer has a power between 1400W and 2000W, but you must also mind the energy consumption. The greater the power of an appliance, the greater its cost, in terms of energy bills.

Instead, if you are interested in a healthier product, we recommend purchasing an air fryer. which allows you to obtain excellent fried foods.


Another aspect to take into consideration before making the purchase is the range of functions of such a product. Among the most important functions we find the temperature regulator, which guarantees all users to manually set the power of the fryer, but it is necessary to pay attention to the smoke point of each food, in addition to that of the oil used. If there is no regulator, we advise you to purchase a cooking thermometer.

In any case, the main functions of the fryers are:

On/off button Button that allows the lid opening Timer knob Indicator lights to understand the operating status of the product itself


The last aspect to consider is the number of accessories. There are tons of complementary items to add to the fryer, each of which allows for multiple solutions when preparing fried foods. The most important ones are:

Replacement filters. These are particular filters that allow you to eliminate bad smells, through activated carbon. Most commercial fryers have slots in which to insert these filters. Some are contained within the sales package, while others must be purchased separately, especially the spare ones. Naturally, we advise you to check the availability of filters and their compatibility with the chosen product. Drain tube. Some appliances also have an exhaust system, which is why it is essential to have special spare tubes. In addition to spare accessories, such as filters, exhaust pipes, all those considered secondary must be considered. For example detergents, recipe books and basket.

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