Dragonero I Paladini at Napoli Comicon 2023 with a special event

Dragonero I Paladini at Napoli Comicon 2023 with a special event

Dragonero I Paladini lands at Napoli Comicon 2023 with a special event to coincide with its arrival in streaming: it is therefore an unmissable opportunity for all fans of Bonelli's comics but also for those who love the animation with fantastic and adventurous tones.

Naples Comicon 2023: dates, ticket prices and how and where to buy them

Dragonero I Paladini at Naples Comicon 2023 with a special event

Sergio Bonelli Editore, the Italian publishing house famous for its comics, enters the world of animation with Dragonero – I Paladini .

--> Comicon Napoli Dragonero The appointment to mark on the agenda is Friday 28 April at 10.30, the day and time in which two episodes of the animated series will be screened at the Napoli Comicon 2023 and unpublished content will also be shown. The presentation will be led by the creator of Dragonero, Luca Enoch, by the executive producer of the series, Vincenzo Sarno, and by the producer Rai, Sonia Farnesi. The event will be open to the public, with priority for children, subject to availability. In particular, it is aimed at primary and lower secondary schools and large groups. If you want to take part, it is advisable to book via the appropriate email - ufficioscuola@comicon.it.

Dragonero I Paladini: how and where to watch the series in streaming and on TV

Dragonero I Paladini will debut on RaiPlay and on Rai Gulp with all its 26 episodes in preview on April 7 in Box Set on RaiPlay and starting from 18 April on Rai Gulp with daily appointments (in first run at 07:40 and in repeat at 13:20 and 18:15). Also on RaiPlay the first 4 episodes are already available and you can catch up by clicking HERE.

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--> Based on Dragonero, fantasy comic by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, Dragonero I Paladini” the first Italian series of fantasy animation, international co-production Sergio Bonelli Editore together with Rai Kids, PowerKids and NexusTV.

Dragonero - The Paladins Here is the synopsis and trailer:

Protagonists of Dragonero The Paladins are three teenagers from Erondár, a fantastic land pervaded by magic: Ian, with a free spirit and courageous disposition, his sister Myrva, brilliant builder of mechanical devices, and the inseparable friend Gmor, an ogre of great strength and generous soul. The three friends divide their days between study, entertainment and some work on the farm where Ian and Myrva live, until they come into mental contact with a large dragon, Draiken, who asks them for help to face a terrible threat that could allow hordes to demons to swarm into the world of our heroes.


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