Lifetime cloud space discounted by 50%, don't miss it!

Lifetime cloud space discounted by 50%, don't miss it!

Lifetime cloud space discounted by 50%

Cloud space can be seen as the modern version of USB sticks and external hard drives: a space where you can keep a copy of your files, so as not to lose them in the event of damage to your PC, always accessible as long as you have an internet connection. It is something that has been part of our lives for some time now and, if you think about it, many of us use it perhaps without even knowing it: for example, Google Photos for Android and Photos for iOS are apps that save images on the cloud, so as to make them always available to the user but, at the same time, free up space on the device by deleting the older ones from the internal memory.

The main problem with the cloud, however, is precisely the space available, which very often ends quickly. The ideal would be to have many GB available, but to do so you have to pay a monthly subscription, which is not always cheap. Luckily for us, this is not always the case: in fact, starting today, the Internxt cloud service offers cloud space for life with a 50% discount, an offer that is really difficult to miss.

Internxt is a service we have already told you about in the past and that we got to try, being pleasantly surprised. It is accessible both via a web browser and through dedicated apps for PCs, smartphones and tablets, which also allow you to  access offline files by choosing which ones to save on the device. The interface is easy to use because it is very intuitive, a feature that makes the service suitable for any type of user, including the most messy: there is a very convenient search function to find files.

--> Another very important point in favor of Internxt concerns privacy and security, held in very strong consideration by the company which adopts a zero-knowledge approach. In this way, the files that will be uploaded to the cloud are encrypted even before upload with an AES-256 CTR model, so that the user is the only one who has the decryption key. Simply put, even if the service were to suffer a hack and your files were stolen, the bad guys would not be able to access them. Then there's the two-factor authentication, which is really essential nowadays.

Added to all this is the  convenience of a lifetime license,  which you won't have to renew every year. With the huge discount offered by Internxt from today until April 24, you can access the plans at a very affordable price, impossible to miss. Below we leave you the details:

2TB lifetime plan: €150 (instead of €299) 5TB lifetime plan: €250 (instead of €499) 10TB lifetime plan: €500 (instead of €999) In short , a very attractive promotion that allows you to take advantage of a number of essential services nowadays and that will make you say goodbye to the anxiety of not having enough space to backup your phone, keep your data safe or save all your favorite photos, without having to divide them into many different cloud services so you don't have to delete some. If you are interested, please click on the link below for further details and proceed with the purchase.

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