Samsung Smart TV, here's a code for an extra 15% discount!

Samsung Smart TV, here's a code for an extra 15% discount!

Samsung Smart TV

Are you looking for a smart TV that allows you to access the best streaming content with bright colors, absolute blacks and great contrast? No fear! Samsung has seen fit to inaugurate a new and interesting initiative that allows you to buy many televisions at decidedly low prices and with our discount code you can get an extra 15% cut.

Read also: Smart TV | The best of 2023 The list of promotional products is quite varied but, among the various offers, we strongly advise you to get your hands on the 55-inch Samsung Neo QLED, in particular the QE55QN85BATXZT model. Originally sold for €1,499.00, it is now available for “only” €999.00, thanks to a discount of €500.00 from the Korean manufacturer's recommended price. With the " PROMOTV " discount code, valid until April 30th, the cost drops further to €849.15.

We are talking about a television from last year, but it will certainly be able to give a lot of satisfaction to series fans television or to those who want to play video games in the living room. First, it has a large 55-inch panel with 4K UltraHD resolution, making it an ideal solution for medium-sized homes.

On top of that, this TV is a real its concentrate of technology, starting from the Quantum Matrix Technology system, able to give ever more intense colours, lights and shadows, in any circumstance thanks to the exclusive Quantum Mini LEDs by Samsung. Under the hood, however, we find Samsung's Neo Neural Quantum 4K processor which, by combining 20 multilayer neural networks, is able to analyze the images creating three-dimensional depth.

Clearly, it also boasts audio technologies and an integrated hub , fluid and minimalist, to watch the best multimedia and television content. In short, a smart TV to be taken into strong consideration, considering its technical specifications and its new selling price. Having said that, we just have to send you back to purchasing the product, inviting you to consult the Samsung page dedicated to the promotion.

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