Reversed Google Maps and Waze indicator: possible solutions

Reversed Google Maps and Waze indicator: possible solutions

Reversed Google Maps and Waze indicator

At least once you have happened to get into your car, connect Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, start Google Maps or Waze and find yourself with the indicator completely upside down, upside down, in the wrong direction, and not knowing how to fix it. Whether connected by cable or wirelessly, with one of the dongles on the market such as Motorola MA1 and AAWireless, this unpleasant problem can also occur in the most complicated moments or during the journey itself.

How to solve it ? The first advice we give you, which is probably also the most classic action to perform without particular research, is to check that the display / compass mode block is not present. It's not difficult to mistake Waze or Google Maps malfunctioning for a setting that was pressed by accident. If there is a fixed “N” in block letters on the compass, then the map is locked with the North setting and will never rotate.

If this setting is not selected, then it is a real own bug . So what is the real solution? Unfortunately, we have not found the real fix, but only a series of suggestions, shared by Google and the major producers, on how to temporarily solve the problem:

wait for the GPS to realign itself : this is the easiest solution but not the most immediate. If you are not in a hurry, one of the tips suggested on the net is to wait briefly in a rest area for the GPS to "take control of itself". Alternatively, if you know the route, you can try driving to see if the situation changes; calibrate GPS - every smartphone has the function and it is usually found in the settings. Verifying that the GPS is calibrated correctly is a good idea but, from direct experience, often inconclusive; close and reopen the navigation app: perhaps the fastest and most correct fix to do. Stop the route, close the app and reopen it. It almost always works, especially if you also delete the cache during the operation; unplug the cable/break the connection : similar to the point above, re-establishing a connection almost always solves the problem. In doing so, you will easily notice that the smartphone navigation will be correct but only the one on the infotainment upside down; check for updates – this should be an action you should always take without necessarily having to wait for the problem or a bug. Updates not only bring with them new features or applications, but also real security patches or fixes. Checking that there is a new version of iOS or Android could solve various problems for you. --> If you know of other fixes or the ultimate solution, please let us know in the comments!

Indicator one way and travel in the opposite direction -->

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