Naruto: the 5 best original sagas of the anime

Naruto: the 5 best original sagas of the anime


The anime adaptation of Naruto , inspired by the best-selling manga of the same name written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto , is currently celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the first Japanese airing (October 3, 2002) and since then all the world had the pleasure of learning about the adventures of the ninja who dreamed of becoming Hokage against the expectations of the whole world, Uzumaki Naruto (on the occasion of the upcoming Easter, do you know that the themed chocolate egg is on sale? Make it yours! ). In this article we have selected the 5 best original Naruto anime sagas that are worth watching (excluding episodes inspired by light novels or other reading material). And what better occasion than this to pay homage to the twentieth anniversary of the first appearance on television of the orange ninja of the Leaf. A first appearance that will arrive in our country a few years later (in 2006 for Mediaset accepting the heavy legacy of Dragon Ball), but which since then has forever changed the lives of those who have decided to undergo humanism and inspired emotions in pencil by Masashi Kishimoto.

The television series, produced by the Pierrot animation studio, came full circle with Naruto Shippuden on March 23, 2017 for a grand total of 720 episodes. Today the epic continues with the events of the new generation of shinobi de Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , but this detail, for the moment, is another story.

The weekly trend of the anime has led the insiders to propose narrative arcs (the so-called fillers) to allow a distance from the roadmap, always weekly, of the master Kishimoto who in the meantime was still concluding his work (finished in November 2014). As known, in fact, the anime series is full of original sagas that did not appear in the manga, some forgettable, but others that really deserve the chance to be viewed as they not only expand the experience of the work beyond the ideas of the master Kishimoto, but they explore past events, truths never revealed and details on the characteristics of those secondary characters too often not developed as they deserved.



Naruto: Top 5 Original Anime Sagas

The Three-Tails and Six-Tails Saga The Twelve Guardian Ninja Saga The Kurenai Yuhi Saga The “Power” Saga The saga of Kakashi's youth

The saga of the Three Tails (Episodes 89 – 112 of Naruto Shippuden) and Six Tails (Episodes 144 – 151 of Naruto Shippuden)

The series created by Masashi Kishimoto inexplicably lacks retrospective compared to some of the driving forces and related tailed beasts that established the mythological basis of the work.

--> The repetitive episodes, however, allowed the sad exploration of these characters with the Three Codes saga and the Six Codes saga .

Regarding the Three Codes saga the original episodes are focused on the search for the prized bearer of great power in the form of a giant turtle from the Dawn Organization (Deidara and Tobi), Orochimaru and a group of ninjas with evil intentions. The original arc is also a means to expand on Naruto's newly acquired skills (including a particular kiss…) after mastering the wind style and Rasen Shuriken, but it won't be enough to save his fellow jinchuriki.

The original narrative arc in question is conceptually placed between the defeat of Hidan and Kakuzu and the death of Jiraiya and Itachi.

--> Naruto, narrative arc of the arrival of the Tricoda With regard to the saga of the Six Codes, it proposes, at least initially, a calmer narrative, however bittersweet, focused on a master-pupil relationship, in this case between Utakata (bearer of the Six Codes with the ability to create techniques with bubbles) and Princess Hotaru. The moment to propose this original narrative arc also seems coherent with the events just preceding, or the devastating death of Jiraiya which refers to the relationship with his executioner, Pain (Nagato).

Utakata is a solitary and gloomy character, aware of the sad fate inflicted on him by the people he trusted after receiving the debt of carrying immense power within himself, a power sought by the Alba Organization for the dark plan of the Infinite Tsukoyomi. The arc consists of eight episodes and is condensed by excellent dialogues between the sentimental and the dramatic. The relationship between Utakata and Hotaru is always interrupted, like an unrequited love and the ending, unfortunately, will not change things.

In Italy it is possible to watch the narrative arcs on Crunchyroll with subtitles.

Naruto, story arc of the Hextail in action

The saga of the twelve guardian ninja (Naruto Shippuden episodes 54 – 71)

The Twelve Guardian Ninja are an armed force institutionalized to defend the Feudal Lord of Tierra del Fuego and although they are not mentioned much in the original work, these ninja reflect another reminder of the traditional order of the historical Japanese power hierarchy. The Third Hokage's son Asuma was a former component, and the original story arc follows an incident near the temple run by another guardian.

Although the original story is a watershed between the attempted reuniting with Sasuke, miserably failed, and the battle that will lead to Asuma's death against the immortal Dawn Organization member, Hidan, it expands on Naruto's suffering experience in trying to control the Nine-Tailed Fox and become stronger with mastering the style of wind art. Meanwhile intrigues and uncomfortable blood truths from the past will come to light and not only that: an incredible new wielder of the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox will also appear.

Naruto, narrative arc of the twelve ninja guardians The original narrative arc is above all useful for expanding the past and the feelings of the character of Asuma Saratubi, the master of Shikamaru, Choji and Ino, which, as anticipated, will lead to his departure against Hidan. A departure that will have an even more bitter and regretful taste.

In Italy it is possible to watch the narrative arc on Crunchyroll with subtitles.

The saga of Kurenai Yuhi (episodes 203 – 207 of Naruto)

The original saga arises after the concluding narrative arc of the first series of Naruto, or the rescue of Sasuke, which opens the doors to Naruto Shippuden .

Kurenai Yuji, master of Hinata, Shino and Kiba, are at the center of this original narrative that expands on his life and the situation of his clan, effectively kept silent in the original work.

Naruto, arc Kurenai Narrative Viewing is recommended as the core of the narrative is based on Kurenai's hallmark illusory arts, making it a roller coaster of moments where reality will be completely superseded. The relationship between Kurenai and Kurama, a girl unable to control her illusory powers, is the right touch that will give a horror flavor to the Naruto story.

In Italy it is possible to watch the narrative arc on Crunchyroll with subtitles and dubbed on Prime Video .

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The "Power" saga (episodes 290 - 295 of Naruto Shippuden )

The saga “Power” is a letter of recognition to the great epic named Naruto and anticipates the beginning of the Fourth World War of the Ninja.

Created to celebrate the achievement of the 500th episode of the entire anime series, pre timeskip considered, animation studio Pierrot lovingly packs six fan-favourite original episodes with exceptional animation technique to rival motion picture productions.

Naruto, narrative arc Power It is a narrative full of creativity and strong introspection around the possession of power whose incipit is based on enemy incursions from a village close to the Leaf. Team Kakashi complete (Sai ​​still stands in for Sasuke), the narrative arc offers dynamic battles and an impressive ending in which the Nine-Tails Fox and a Hydra give each other a good fight.

Final note: applause for choosing to make Kabuto Yakushi the enemy and for having brought to light, through his most incredible manipulations and genetic knowledge, the immortal Hidan buried by Shikamaru Nara a long time before.

In Italy it is possible watch the story arc on Crunchyroll with subtitles.

Kakashi's Youth Saga (Naruto Shippuden Episodes 349 – 361 )

The only reason you can rate “best” this arc is the presence of Kakashi, one of the key characters of the series as well as one of the most loved by fans, in his youth before becoming Naruto's master.

The narrative arc, incredibly original and not present in the manga, he revisits the life of one who has always lived in darkness constantly balancing on the edge of the abyss. After losing everything, after being left alone, he held on to the few best memories and lived hoping for an equally better future. Patience and waiting will pay off later.

Naruto, ANBU story arc Kakashi: the ninja who lives in the dark But what and who was Kakashi before the ending? The original narrative arc takes a dip into his past when he was already a very young Jonin (a role that allows him to be a master) and a member of the Anbu special forces and is particularly focused on the conflicting doubts that crowd his emotions well hidden by the mask.

The original arc demonstrated the dexterity of the anime writers in creating something different from the manga since information about the relationship with the characters who will interact with Kakashi, such as Itachi (before to commit the massacre of the Uchiha by his hand) and Yamato, another important stronghold who in the future will temporarily be Naruto's master instead of the 6th Hokage.

The original episodes are placed in the middle of the Fourth War , surely a good time to breathe a sigh of relief in the midst of bloody fights and exciting twists.

In Italy it is possible to watch the story arc on Crunchyroll with subtitles.

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