The 6 best TV series on Prime Video to watch this Christmas

The 6 best TV series on Prime Video to watch this Christmas

It's hard to find entire TV series dedicated to Christmas, just as it would be difficult to recover those shows of at least 10 story arcs just to watch a Christmas special. Among the TV series on Prime Video, however, there are some self-contained or one-season ones that you can easily catch up on during the holidays this year. Among the news, awaited streaming arrivals and some pearls from the last few years, here are the 6 most attractive Prime Video titles.

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The 6 best TV series on Prime Video for Christmas

Mammals A private affair Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Z: The beginning of everything Reverse – The Pheripheral Night Sky


Writer-director Jez Butterworth is the mastermind behind Mammals, a 6-episode comedy-drama that's perfect for catching up at Christmas. The presence of the conductor, actor and comedian James Corden stands out who here, in the role of Jamie Buckingham, demonstrates his versatility, passing from funny tones to deeper interpretations.

Mammals This "animal instinct drama", albeit lightly, confronts the viewer with an existential question: how long can we establish special bonds and keep promises if, after all, we are only mammals? This doubt grips the lives of Jamie and his wife Amandine, whose marriage relationship is distorted by some secrets. To know more about this TV series on Prime Video, check out the Mammals review.

Private Affair

Private Affair is another new TV series on Prime Video, an investigative tale set in 1940s Galicia. The protagonist Marina Quiroga , a bourgeois girl with the soul of a detective, decides to investigate the terrifying murders that are affecting the city with her butler Hector.

A private affair This 8-episode all-female thriller, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Miss Fisher series, focuses its strength on the contrast between a strong and courageous woman and the actual impossibility of being able to emancipate herself within a society still retrograde. Unthinkable for the time that a woman could be a policewoman, Marina's pipe dream. Another great contrast exists between the high class of the protagonist and that fascination for darkness that leads her down dark paths. Retrieve the review of A Private Affair here if you want to learn more about this TV series on Prime Video .

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Sci-fi anime from 2009, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood remains a unobtainable TV series, until Prime Video puts it in its catalog starting November 15 this year. This is the second animated adaptation after Full Metal Alchemist of 2003, which arrived in Italy three years later. Produced by Square Enix, the series features 64 short episodes covering the first 27 volumes of Himoru Arakawa's manga, and is available on the streaming platform with Italian dubbing.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood The two brothers Edward and Alphonse Eric live in the Amestris region, where alchemy is the most advanced scientific form. It modifies and recomposes the substances and materials contained in any object: nothing can be created, but everything can be transformed. The two protagonists will learn this law at their own expense and will set off in search of a fundamental object to make everything go back to the way it was before.

Z: The beginning of everything

Costumed TV series, Z : Everything Begins (2017) is the story of the rise of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald , a young Southern girl destined to become a jazz icon, and her relationship with the famous writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald . The American climate of the 1920s is savored, and with great care for the settings, atmospheres and costumes, the love story between the two characters is told with a more unique than rare authenticity, despite the fact that it is a relationship complex and tormented.

Z: Everything Begins The stars of Z: Everything Begins are Christina Ricci , co-producer of the TV series on Prime Video , recently reunited in Tim Burton's Wednesday, and David Hoflin. It is based on the novel Zelda by Therese Anne Fowler and consists of 10 captivating episodes.

Inverse – The Pheripheral

Speaking of David Hoflin, the actor is also part of the cast of a of the latest news on the platform: Inverso – The Peripheral , the perfect series for a Christmas full of thriller and sci-fi, with Chloe Grace Moretz as the leading actress. It's 2023, Flynne Fisher takes care of her brother Burton but the expenses are too much. They decide to participate in a virtual reality prototype to make ends meet, but it is not a simple technological evolution.

Inverse - The Pheripheral Inverse – The Pheripheral is inspired by the science fiction of William Gibson, one of the founding fathers of cyberpunk. The official synopsis of the TV series on Prime Video reads in fact:

The Peripheral is the hallucinatory and astonishing look of the great storyteller William Gibson on the destiny of mankind and on what lies beyond.

The show enjoys an impeccable world building that combines several seemingly distant but somehow interconnected narrative arcs. The visual and artistic apparatus is not the only strong point; Inverso manages to enhance the psychological and emotional sphere of the characters as few television and film products manage to do.

Night Sky (Starry Night)

This year Prime Video enriches its catalog with an exciting and mysterious sci-fi series: Night Sky (Starry Night), created by Holden Miller and Daniel C. Connoly for Amazon Studios. It is the story of Irene and Franklyn York , respectively Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons (Law and Order, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy). The elderly cup, entangled in the hardships of old age and in a now repetitive routine, finds the only real pleasure in spending time in a mysterious hidden room in their basement. After several years they think they know it all, but in reality they have no idea what awaits them.

Night Sky (Starry Night) With incredibly meticulous attention to every detail, this what strikes you about Night Sky , during its 8 episodes, is the harmony between the calm of the protagonists and the slow and accommodating pace of the series, never heavy but rather able to satisfy the curiosity around the great and unimaginable mysteries affecting Irene and Franklyn. To find out more, we advise you to retrieve the review of Night Sky .

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