The Prime Video news of January 2023

The Prime Video news of January 2023

The Prime Video news for January 2023 has been released. Worth mentioning are Lillo, The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 and Lupine III vs. Cat's Eye.

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Prime Video New January 2023

Prime Video Original Series and Shows January 2023

I'M LILLO – January 5

Who is Posaman? A superhero, of course! And what is his super power? Knowing how to make cover poses. But who is behind the costume? Well... there's Lillo! Success, as we know, has negative implications and for Lillo the time has come to choose between fame and private life, because her wife really can't stand it anymore. Accompanied by the most beloved comedians of the contemporary scene, from Pietro Sermonti to Paolo Calabresi, from Caterina and Corrado Guzzanti to Valerio Lundini, from Michela Giraud to Edoardo Ferrario and many others, Lillo will try to find himself behind the mask he has built. The awaited series in 8 episodes is a Lucky Red production in collaboration with Prime Video and is directed by Eros Puglielli (Women's idols, Copperman, Nevermind), created by Lillo Petrolo, Matteo Menduni and Tommaso Renzoni who also edited the story and screenplay. In the cast with Lillo, Pietro Sermonti, Cristiano Caccamo, Sara Lazzaro, Camilla Filippi, Marco Marzocca, Maryna, Paolo Calabresi, Anna Bonaiuto and many guest stars including Valerio Lundini, Edoardo Ferrario, Emanuela Fanelli, Caterina Guzzanti, Corrado Guzzanti, Stefano Rapone, Michela Giraud, Maccio Capatonda, Serra Yilmaz.


La Befana vien di Pintus is a comedy variety hosted by Angelo Pintus. Guests: Maurizio Casagrande, Malika Ayane, Francesco Cicchella, Leonardo Fiaschi. The Befana comes from Pintus, and leaves a stocking full of laughter.

THE RIG – January 6

The Rig follows the story of the crew of the Kinloch Bravo oil platform stationed off the coast of Scotland, in the dangerous waters of the North Sea. Finished the work, ready to return to dry land, the group is enveloped in a mysterious fog. The platform is hit by strong shocks leaving those who are above it suddenly unable to communicate with the coast and the outside world. As the group tries to uncover what is behind this unexplained force, a serious accident forces them to question who they can really trust. Friendships break up, new alliances form, and generational differences become apparent. The Bravo team will be pushed to the limits of both mutual loyalty and their own endurance as they go head-to-head with forces beyond belief. Created by David Macpherson and directed by John Strickland, Alex Holmes, the cast consists of: Iain Glen, Emily Hampshire, Martin Compston, Calvin Demba, Owen Teale, Richard Pepple, Mark Bonnar, Rochenda Sandall, Emun Elliott, Stuart McQuarrie, Abraham Popoola, Molly Vevers, Mark Addy, Nikhil Parmar, Cameron Fulton.

HUNTERS SEASON 2 – January 13

After an accident has derailed their businesses in Europe, the Hunters must band together to hunt down the most notorious Nazi in history, Adolf Hitler, who is hiding in South America. Meanwhile, a look back reveals that Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) encounters a dangerous threat that could expose his secret and reveal his true identity, with explosive reverberations for our Hunters. The series is created by David Weil, who also serves as showrunner, and is produced by Amazon Studios, Monkeypaw Productions and Halcyon Studios. In the cast Al Pacino, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Lena Olin, Josh Radnor, Tiffany Boone, Carol Kane, Louis Ozawa, Kate Mulvany and Greg Austin.


After saving the kingdom from evil and destruction at the hands of Exandria's most terrifying power couple, Vox Machina must save the world once again, this time from a sinister group of dragons known as the Chroma Conclave. The Legend of Vox Machina is an Amazon Studios, Critical Role and Titmouse production for Prime Video. The series stars Critical Role founders and original cast Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel and Travis Willingham. Critical Role members also serve as executive producers, alongside Brandon Auman, Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski and Ben Kalina.

New films arriving on Prime Video in January 2023


Set in the post-war period, LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend brings to the screen an all-Italian story: not only the life of the historic founder of the Lamborghini car manufacturer, from modest beginnings as a tractor builder to the infamous rivalry with Enzo Ferrari, but also the history of Italy in the 1950s, a country committed in the complex transition towards a new industrialized modernity. The film tells the man behind the myth by delving into the mind and emotions of a visionary genius. The film written and directed by Academy Award winner Bobby Moresco, sees the participation of Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War), Mira Sorvino (Oscar Award for Goddess of Love), Gabriel Byrne (Golden Globe for In Treatment), alongside big names, the film also employed Italian actors and talents, such as, among many, Romano Reggiani, Fortunato Cerlino and the rapper Clemente Maccaro, aka Clementino.


In An explosive wedding, Darcy and Tom reunite their families, loving but always ready to make judgments, for the ne plus ultra of weddings, just when the couple begins to have second thoughts. And as if that weren't threat enough, suddenly everyone's lives are in danger when the guests are taken hostage. “Till death do us part” takes on a whole new meaning in this adrenaline-pumping comedy adventure in which Darcy and Tom must save their loved ones – if they don't kill each other first. The film is directed by Jason Moore and written by Mark Hammer. The cast includes Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Coolidge, Sônia Braga, Cheech Marin, Selena Tan, D'Arcy Carden, Callie Hernandez, Desmin Borges, Steve Coulter, Alberto Isaac and Lenny Kravitz. Duration: 100 minutes.


Sheila, Kelly and Tati are sisters and cat burglars. They steal a painting from a museum at the same time Lupine the Third appears to steal another. Both are part of the series "The Girl and the Flowers" by Michael Heinz. The paintings are precious clues that will help the girls find their missing father. When they discover that Lupine has the same goal, the spark ignites their spirits. The voice cast is composed by: Stefano Onofri (Lupin III), Alessandro D'Errico (Jigen), Davide Perino (Goemon), Alessandra Korompay (Fujiko), Rodolfo Bianchi (Inspector Zenigata), Domitilla D'Amico (Sheila), Elena Perino (Kelly), Emanuela Ionica (Tati), Emanuele Ruzza (Matthew).

HYPERSONNIA – 28 January

Thriller set in a near future where the old prisons are just a memory. Now the inmates are serving their sentences in a state of deep sleep. Hypersleep is an efficient, cheap and reliable system. At least until the day when David Damiani (Stefano Accorsi), a psychologist in charge of monitoring the mental state of prisoners, is faced with a prisoner whose data has been lost. An unprecedented unexpected, which will trigger a chain of unpredictable events and will force David himself to confront the ghosts of his past. Directed by Alberto Mascia and written by Alberto Mascia and Enrico Saccà. In the cast Stefano Accorsi, Caterina Shulha, Astrid Meloni, Andrea Germani, Paolo Pierobon, Sandra Ceccarelli. The film is produced by Ascent Film and Nightswim.

The Croods 2 – A new era | January 1st

Freaky | January 9

Fast & Furious 9 – The Fast Saga | 11 January

A world under social | January 23rd

Spirit – The rebel | January 31st

If you leave me, I'll delete you | January 1st

3 Days to Kill | January 1st

They called him Trinity… | January 1st

…Otherwise we'll get angry! | January 1st

They're just ghosts | January 1st

Jurassic World | January 1st

Jurassic Park III | January 1

The Lost World – Jurassic Park | January 1st

Jurassic Park | January 1st

Das schweigende Klassenzimmer | January 1st

The 56th Street Boys | January 1st

Atonement | January 1st

The Look of Love | January 1st

Irreversible | January 1st

Like a cat on the ring road | January 1st

Insomnia | January 4th

Shutter Island | January 4

Bad Boys for Life | January 4th

In the wolves' den | 5 January

Where am I going? | January 8

Paterson | January 10

In your place | January 10

The Jacket | January 10th

Perfect strangers | January 11

Gurren Lagann – The Movie 01 – Childhood's End | January 15th

Gurren Lagann – The Movie 02 – The Lights in the Sky Are Stars | January 15th

An exaggerated party | January 15th

Inception | January 15

Zack Snyder's Justice League | January 15th

The Lodge | January 16

The invisible boy | January 16th

Tiramisù | January 25

Supernatural – the fifteenth season | January 1

The skies break Gurren Lagann – the first season | January 15

A Doctor In The Family – from the fifth to the tenth season | January 22

Overlord – the second season | January 27

Movies and TV series due on Prime Video in January 2023

FILMS EXPIRING: Infinite, Christmas on a Cruise, A Timeless Christmas, Christmas Vacation 95, The Addams Family 2, Christmas in Rio, Christmas in India, Christmas in South Africa, Love Doesn't Go on Holidays, Christmas in Love, Christmas in Miami, Family Holidays, Top Gun, Jack Ryan Initiation, A Card For Christmas, Christmas At the Plaza, The Godfather Part II, Christmas Under the Stars, The Godfather, Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher's Point of No Return, Shooter, Gomorrhoid, Christmas in Christmas Valley, Between the Legs, The Long Christmas Trip, Mean Girls, Transformers The Last Knight, Transformers, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Truman Show, Side Effects, Christmas on Ice, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, The Most Crazy World, Dangerous, A wish under the mistletoe, Grease, Nurse, Friends, Lovers And…., Baywatch, The F amily Man, Mario Puzo – The Godfather, Epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone, My Unexpected Christmas Prince, Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond, Daddy's Home 2, The Sweet Light of Christmas, A Lie for Love, Renegades: Commando d Assault, Snowpiercer, Cherry, Grandpa, Pele, Terminator Genisys, The Philadelphia Experiment, A Quiet Place, Love at Second Sight, The Best Man Holiday, Forrest Gump, No Country for Old Men, How to Break Up in 10 Days, Daddy's home, Redcon-1, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, (ir)resistible temptations, Tropic Thunder, Star Trek Into Darkness, Damage, A New Year's Eve, The Last Legion, You're still here , (A)date for Christmas, Hunter Killer, The Sound of 007: Live From The Royal Albert Hall, Rango, It's For Your Sake, Coriolanus, The Last Warrior, Scratching Longing, XXX - Xander Returns Cage, Magic Words: The Story of J.K. Rowling, Shock and Awe, All Together for Christmas, Ghost in the Shell, Christmas Next Door, Bronx, The Outpost, Seven, Mine, 12 Days til Christmas, Beverly Hills Cop, Tenderness, Cast Away, Third Person, Christmas in Evergreen - The Lost Letter, Meet My Parents, Secrets of the Night, The Nice Guys, Fallen, Transporter 3, The Man Who Knew Infinity, Christmas in Evergreen, The Fighters - Blunt Force Trauma, Simona , Little Fish, Fraud, A weekend in the snow, Dead Drop – Traitor hunt, Colombiana, Pirates, Cold Blood – Without peace, Act of Valor, Warrior, Demon Slayer The Movie: the Mugen train, Nureyev – The White Crow, Cate McCall, The Edge of Truth, Backtrace, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Lost Dinosaurs, A Dream for Daddy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Shadow, The Grey, Looking Glass, The Monk, Sweet Christmas , Bunraku, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1941 - Escape from Leningrad, Ask the Dust, Dust of War, Code 999, Code Name: Geronimo, Barriers, Muscles and Money, Superchondriac - Laughing is good for health, USS Indianapolis, Independence Daysaster - The new threat, Gotti - The first godfather, Valentine - The Dark Avenger, Escape Room, The need to unite every time with you, Viking, Woman in Gold, Young Hitler, Allied: A Hidden Shadow, Chromophobia, Dr. Knock, Smiley, Limitless, Perfume, Prime, House Howard, A.I. Rising, Flight, Self/Less, Earth, New York Academy, Crossing Point, Silent Hill, Madame Bovary, Divergent, Shadowhunters, Vlad the Impaler, Becoming Young, Becoming Jane, Grace's Christmas, Christmas in Vienna, Step Up All In, The Freddy Heineken Case

EXPIRING TV SERIES: Mr. Robot Seasons 1-4, The Vampire Diaries Season 1, SWAT (2017) Season 4, The Good Doctor Season 4, Unforgettable Season 1, Magnum PI Season 1, The Night's Children Season 1, 4 Blocks Season 1, Superstore Season 5, Sword Art Online Season 1, Made in Abyss Season 1, Unforgettable Seasons 1-4 , Stargate Season 1-9.

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