Nintendo Switch insider tips 2022 from our editors

Nintendo Switch insider tips 2022 from our editors

While the Nintendo Switch's Nintendo eShop is about to hit 10,000 games, it's getting harder and harder to find the game that's right for you with more and more releases. In 2022, too, many pearls appeared in the Nintendo eShop that may have gone missing for some of you. In this special we would like to introduce you to some games that deserve a little more attention. If you received a Nintendo eShop voucher for Christmas and need a little help spending it, this special is for you. Here, our editors present their insider tips from the Nintendo eShop and you might discover a game that you had long lost sight of. Share your insider tips with us in the comments.

Village Romance © Toukana Interactive

Quote from Krispin Berndt The biggest insider tip for me this year is undoubtedly Dorfromantik by Toukana Interactive. This is a classic puzzle game and is reminiscent in many ways of the real board games The Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. Basically, a game round in Dorfromantik can be described as follows: The player starts with a random deck of hexagon tiles on which, for example, houses, fields or trees are depicted. By placing the cards, stringing together the same motifs and completing smaller quests, the player always receives a certain number of points and, in the best case, new cards for the deck on a regular basis. A game is only over when there are no more cards in the deck. Depending on the game mode, the game rounds last on average half an hour to an hour, which makes Dorfromantik a perfect game for relaxed game evenings on the couch at home, especially in the dark winter months. If you are looking for an idyllic puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch, you will be able to spend many hours with village romance - and with a very fair price of 14.99 euros, it is also suitable for a small budget.

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> © Vague Scenario

Quoted by Felix Kraus After Nun Massacre and Murder House, Puppet Combo released its third trash horror fest Bloodwash last fall for consoles including the Nintendo Switch. The horror adventure, which lasts about an hour and a half, puts you in the role of a pregnant college student who goes to a laundromat late at night to clean up her dirty clothes for tomorrow's job interview. The already eerie nocturnal excursion develops into a real nightmare after a fugitive murderer storms the shabby establishment and causes a horrific bloodbath there. Bloodwash draws on typical moments of shock, but also shines with original ideas and an irresistible charm. The short but worthwhile trip to the filthy residential area of ​​Sara will cost you almost ten euros. Bloodwash is a wonderfully quirky experience that I wouldn't want to be without in my video game vita and I would highly recommend it.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Demo

© Nintendo

Quote from Felix Eder You were really looking forward to the comeback of the Mario Strikers series on the Nintendo Switch in advance, but have so far refrained from buying it because of the mixed reports from other players? Then here's my insider tip: A new free demo version of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football has been available in the Nintendo eShop since November 2022 - you get just as little content as in the full version and save 60 euros at the same time. If you still want to play the game after the seven playable regular matches and the first cup tournament, you can either play an unlimited number of training games with specified teams or you can always buy the full version afterwards. However, if you lost interest in the demo, you were prevented from making a potential bad purchase - a win-win situation.

Our test of the full version <


© Omocat / MP2 Games

Quote from Michael Barg In June 2022, Nintendo Switch players were finally able to enjoy an outstanding indie game, which finds its roots in the role-playing classic of the SNES era Earthbound, but also has strong influences from the hit Undertale. We're talking about the Japanese role-playing game Omori, which attracted attention with its minimalist retro look, but I was hooked on the gamepad thanks to its fantastic turn-based combat system. The outstanding and varied soundtrack supported both the humor and the abysmal sad passages of the title. It's not for nothing that you see a trigger warning as almost the first screen of the game, because Omori deals subtly in places, sometimes too obviously, the overwhelming topics of depression and other mental demons that many people carry within them. In just over 20 hours, Omori tells the story of the eponymous protagonist, which on the one hand made me smile quite often, but on the other hand left me glassy-eyed in front of a black screen. For those looking for an emotionally-charged roller coaster ride for the dark and quiet days between the years, Omori won't disappoint!

F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch

© bilibili Game / Ti Games

Originally Posted by Adis Selimi As a 90's kid, I naturally have a soft spot for mascot platformers, which were particularly popular on the SNES. If, in addition to an animal hero, there is also good gameplay and an interesting game world that has to be explored in Metroidvania style, that speaks for a very good game. F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch, which has been available for the Nintendo Switch since this summer, combines exactly these elements and secured a top rating and the title of hit game in our test. You accompany resistance fighter Rayton as he sets out to free his friends from the grips of a mechanical army of occupation. In particular, the action-packed combat system and the fresh dieselpunk scenario appealed to me and made for a great gaming experience.

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© tinyBuild

Originally posted by Ilja Rodstein Even though we'll soon be getting a new Pikmin adventure, Tinykin is a somewhat similar game, but it relies on its own innovations. Connecting the small Tinykin, which can be controlled and used in a similar way to the Pikmin, to a 3D platformer works extremely well. This is also ensured by the well thought-out and varied puzzles. Tinykin is a game that invites you to relax and explore, because you won't encounter any fighting or time pressure here. If you want more 3D platformers focused on exploration, this game is for you as well. Graphically, it hardly makes any compromises on the Nintendo Switch and retains its charm. The approximately five-hour adventure can easily be stretched by the many side missions.

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AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative

© Spike Chunsoft Co.,Ltd.

Quote from Niels Uphaus I'm a big fan of Kotaro Uchikoshi's games, like Ever17 or the titles of the well-known Zero Escape series. With AI: The Somnium Files, the author and his newly founded studio Too Kyo Games released another top-class game in 2019 with a captivating story about the mysterious Cyclops killer. This year we received a successor, AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative, which reflects on the strengths of the predecessor, but also offers one or the other innovation. This time, it's the young and super-strong Mizuki who deals with murders where the bodies of the corpses have been split perfectly down the middle. As in the previous game, you can access the memories of suspects in somniums, fantasy worlds based on chunks of memory. If you solve problems within these somniums under time pressure, you will gradually come closer to the truth. The game with its expressive characters and grandiose humor wrapped in a dark sci-fi story makes AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative a famous title that visual novel and point & click fans should not miss. And yes, you can once again travel to Atami with the best character.

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Haiku, the Robot <

© Mister Morris Games

Quote from Philipp Pöhlmann Ever since I was a child, the Metroidvania genre has had a special place in my heart. While Nintendo itself made me wriggle like a fish out of water for many years until they knocked my socks off with Metroid Dread in 2021, numerous indie studios took on the genre. This resulted in real pearls like Hollow Knight or the Ori games, but also a fairly massive mishmash of titles that seem special at first glance, but then quickly fall into oblivion. When Haiku, the Robot came out for the Nintendo Switch this year, I was skeptical at first. Although trailers could pique my curiosity thanks to the cute visuals and the setting in a predominantly machine-dominated world, I wasn't sure if I would remember the title in the long term. Fortunately, Haiku, the Robot doesn't just score with its looks. The gameplay with its solid additions to the arsenal of movements and the individually adaptable passive skills is also largely convincing. The fact that the eponymous robot can heal itself also helps to avoid frustration and makes the game accessible to genre newcomers, while boss fights are still challenging and sometimes cost me a few tries until I understood the movement patterns. Anyone looking for a new Metroidvania adventure and not yet familiar with Haiku, the Robot should definitely check out this charming title!

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McPixel 3

© Sos Sosnowski

Quote from Maik Styppa-Braun My personal insider tip this year is McPixel 3. I knew so little about any other game and became at the same time so pleasantly surprised. Neither the first trailers nor the information about the game could give a good picture of what to expect in the game. When I was allowed to lend a hand myself, it happened to me very quickly. The many bizarre ideas in the game and the associated mini-games are a lot of fun and always make for little laughs. In addition, the entire game is motivating enough due to the various options for action to insert several rounds in order to really have seen every sequence once. For around 10 euros you get a great overall package for short Nintendo Switch rounds.

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What are your insider tips from the Game year 2022?

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