Reservation Dogs 2, review: a season of confirmations

Reservation Dogs 2, review: a season of confirmations

Reservation Dogs 2, review

Last year, the Star Original series by Taika Waititi ( Jojo Rabbit , Thor: Ragnarok ) and director Sterlin Harjo landed on Disney Plus, bringing the public a great novelty. The first season of Reservation Dogs (retrieve our review) is a small comedy-drama produced by FX that manages to detach itself from the "teen" trends of recent times, offering instead a raw glimpse of Native American communities. The series will make its grand return to the platform. Reservation Dogs 2 will be streaming starting January 4, 2023 with 10 new episodes; watching the first four can already give numerous confirmations  to all those who loved the first season.

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An interesting narrative crossroads

The first season debuts in Italy in October 2021 but originally arrives on Hulu on August 9 of the same year, precisely on the occasion of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. Four teenagers from the Native American community spend a life in disarray, dedicating themselves to more or less risky crimes in order to put money aside and escape from Oklahoma dreaming of California. After the death of one of their comrades, the so-called Reservation Dogs are threatened by a stronger gang, the NDN mafia. This is just one of the obstacles protagonists Bear (D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), Elora (Devery Jacobs), Cheese (Lane Factor) and Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) must face in order to survive within the community.

Reservation Dogs 2 Reservation Dogs 2 picks up the story of the four companions exactly where they ended, but the first element that seems to be missing in the first few episodes is the cohesion of the group. After the departure of one of the protagonists, the others embark on a path that - at least for the moment - seems to remain within an individual boundary. But while the three remain within the community, for the fourth component a real "road trip" begins which lays the foundations for a sort of narrative crossroads, which thus provides for the alternation of two apparently parallel strands.

Reservation Dogs 2 This expedient gives a certain dynamism to the story which, in any case, it never generates confusion or allows you to lose the common thread. This double fold of the narrative therefore generates a multiplicity of actions, which take place simultaneously in different places, thus expanding the sphere of characters and events, and offering an even wider mirror of what can be the life of a minority within of American society.

Reservation Dogs 2 is a valid confirmation

As for the first season, Reservation Dogs 2 also tells the events with a raw, frank and explicit tenor, which puts bare the true reality of groups of indigenous origins, showing different social dynamics in their authenticity. In doing this, the TV series does not spare a comic and light undertone, adopting a humor that at times seems atypical in the eyes ofa> those who are not part of this community. Harjo, a native American, first of all chooses a cast capable of offering a true representation, and incredibly realistic dialogues are entrusted to them.

Figures return who, although secondary, have had a great impact since the first season, placing the spotlight on the ancient traditions that continue to mix with modernity. This is the case of the mysterious William Grossalama , the so-called Unknown Warrior protagonist of Bear's visions. This character gives Reservation Dogs 2 that pinch of fantasy and surreal atmosphere so that it can distance both the characters and the viewer from the dramatic reality of the first ones, even if only for a short time.

Nothing could be more different than a teen drama

What makes Reservation Dogs 2 an absolute peculiarity – as mentioned – is the presence of a cast of teenagers capable of not returning the usual teen drama to the public. Despite their young age, the young group transmits strong emotions to the viewer, as well as that sense of belonging to a community that is never known enough outside of it, as it is almost never the subject of attention in cinema or television products.

Reservation Dogs 2 The Star Original series offers a cross-section whose credibility is also due to these boys and girls who, in a given social context and with a difficult background behind them, behave like adults . The new season then allows you to become even more attached to them and to feel greater empathy and, sometimes, identification with their deep emotionality. Never before has there been an adolescent drama as it is understood today; forget any trivial reference to the contemporary world, to technology or even to social networks, and be ready once again to face a different reality, to grasp its most visceral nuances.

The cohesive artistic sector of Reservation Dogs 2

Direction and photography of the second season of Reservation Dogs are perfectly consistent with what has been seen so far, starting with a never fixed camera that almost resembles a fake documentary, probably a symbol of how much the series is a real mirror on Native American life. The acid-hued color palette recalls old film footage. Also in Reservation Dogs 2 there is a meticulous attention to the settings: semi-empty rural suburban roads, to give the idea of ​​an isolated and eclipsed world. The songs chosen for the soundtrack are always on point.


Reservation Dogs 2 is a valid confirmation of a work that begins in 2021 and which represents a great novelty in television series. The first episodes of the new season prove to be a consistent continuation. They take charge of an even more articulated narrative, which never loses that almost goliardic undertone that contrasts the drama of the events without ever being out of place, while adopting a sometimes unfamiliar humor. The viewer, already fond of the young protagonists, continues to follow and become passionate about their stories, pursuing the great dream of California with them and accompanying them in their desire for redemption and freedom.

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