From teen drama to action thriller: 6 unmissable revenge movies

From teen drama to action thriller: 6 unmissable revenge movies

From teen drama to action thriller

In September, Netflix showed a strong interest in proposing several revenge movies. The titles of the moment are two. The first, Jennifer Katlyn Robinson's Do Revenge, which landed on the platform on September 16, is a witty teen storyline that stars Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes as two high school students eager for revenge. A week later, on September 23, comes Lou, an all-female Anna Foerster thriller, busier and not at all adolescent. If revenge unites these two stories, what is it that differentiates them from one another? It must be said that in the world of cinema there are many types of revenge movies, different strands with specific characteristics, not only related to the genre - usually a thriller or, at the antipodes, a comedy, sometimes a combination of both. Here are 6 must-see titles.

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From teen drama to action thriller: 6 must-see revenge movies

Mean Girls Satan's gaze - Carrie A promising woman I'll find you Confessions Joe

Mean Girls

As mentioned in our review of Do Reveng e, the film clearly follows in the footsteps of Mean Girls, the teen comedy of the 2004 directed by Mark Waters, with which actresses Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams become iconic. The maximum expression of cinema for girls of the 2000s, the film fits into the trend of teen drama along with others such as Girls in Beverly Hills, Easy A, Legally Blonde. The film is available for streaming on Prime Video.

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More than a film to be recovered, it is certainly a great cult to watch. If you enjoyed Do Revenge, it is impossible not to love its direct predecessor and source of inspiration. Indeed, the most nostalgic could confirm that, despite the fidelity of the concept and the adoption of the same narrative devices, no new product can replace the cinema of the past. Mean Girls is the son of his time, better linked to the context in which he was born, with that light but sagacious humor, which still tears a good laugh today.

Satan's gaze - Carrie

Carrie, the daughter of a religious fanatic, suffers severe bullying at her school. Outcast, she is the victim of constant humiliation by her companions, who go beyond all limits when they broadcast a video in the locker room. However, Carrie soon discovers that she has mysterious supernatural powers, and when the most popular girls hit rock bottom, the protagonist will enact a cruel plan of revenge, driven by an out-of-control rage.

A Promising Woman

2020 film directed by Emerald Fennell to his beginnings, is a brilliant dark comedy. The object of attention is no longer adolescence, but the work transposes those same mechanics into adulthood, demonstrating that high school can be a taste of everyday reality. A Promising Woman can also be purchased or rented on Prime Video.

In her college days, Cassie loses her best friend, who committed suicide after being raped by a group of boys. The protagonist, apparently a quiet and loving bartender, has a mission to fulfill: once a week she pretends to be drunk to lure men ready to take advantage of her, only to reveal her sobriety and terrorize them. But when, by a strange chance, old ghosts return to reveal themselves, revenge will not be so peaceful.

Between lights and bright colors, even A promising woman hides a horrible reality behind a sparkling appearance. Cassie's revenge on men is not for a strictly personal gain, but it is a mission she fulfills as a symbol of punishment for those who have taken her best friend away from her, violating and humiliating her. Once again, therefore, it is a category of people that are the object of revenge, a bit like in the previous works it was the popular class of the high school or the bullies.

I will find you

Just as Do Revenge cannot fail to be associated with Mean Girls, Lou also finds its origins in a narrative made known by an unmissable cult: I will find you, directed by Pierre Morel in 2008.

This thriller d ' action follows the turbulent story of Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), a divorced father whose daughter Kim has just been kidnapped. A scrupulous search for the young girl begins, between hand-to-hand clashes and strategies to trace the identity of the culprits and find Kim.

revenge movies I will find you manages to keep the tension intact from beginning at the end, full of action, on a journey that never seems to end, always full of unexpected twists. Almost a real thriller, if you like, whose ending is not at all obvious. Morel's film is a sort of pioneer of this trend, a classic among the revenge movies that can never be missing and that conveys a very important message: how far can you go to save a loved one?


This Japanese thriller, directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, dates back to 2010 and is based on the novel of the same name by Kanae Minato, also published in Italy with the title Confession. The film can be purchased or rented on Prime Video.

revenge movies A teacher in a middle school decides to take revenge for the death of her child. Although the police dismissed the case as an accident, the woman is convinced otherwise. She will be the one to look for the guilty ones and take revenge on them for the lost affection.

This thriller is very strong, it is about an immense pain, that is the loss of a daughter for which a mother is willing to do everything. Even if nothing will bring it back, the gratuitous evil must not go unpunished. Even in Confessions, forgiveness is sadly not an option.


Nicolas Cage is critically acclaimed in David Gordon Green's 2013 film Joe, a drama based on the novel by Larry Brown of '91. In a small town in Texax lives Gary Jones, a fifteen-year-old with a troubled family behind him. Together with his father, he is hired by a certain Joe Ransom, a former prisoner. The latter soon becomes attached to the young boy, and when he discovers the dark secrets that lie in Gary's family and around the father figure, Joe decides to help him in his plan of revenge, seeing him now as a son.

Although lacking in great action, Joe possesses the same prime mover: attachment to a loved one, an affection that leads the human being to a decision, that is, to go beyond or avenge those who are most dear to him, even when he does not exist no blood pact. Ransom sees young Gary as a son, and this sentiment doesn't make him so different from the protagonists of other similar tales. With so much drama, Joe is a deep revenge story not to be missed. You can find the film with Nicolas Cage streaming on Prime Video.

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