Production of the Nidec Gen 2 engine begins

Production of the Nidec Gen 2 engine begins

Nidec Industrial Solution, one of the leading companies in the production of electric motors and generators, has just started Nidec Auto Drive System Co., Ltd., at its Chinese headquarters in Guangzhou, of a new generation of powertrain.

The new engine will be mass-produced and will take the name of Gen 2 (from Generation 2), and will bring several improvements over the first version. The production just started concerns a 100kW (136 HP) engine, which will offer more power and torque (+ 20%) but even 19% less weight. Noise has also been reduced from 6 to 8 decibels.

The power gains and weight loss are due to new smaller magnets and inverters. The amount of rare earths used (mainly dysprosium and terbium) also decreases thanks to a better cooling capacity, based on the newly developed two-way oil circulation system. | ); } 100kW is currently in production, but gradually other models in the range will be replaced by Gen2; the next to switch to the new technology should be 150kW and 200kW

In the version currently in production it reaches 2,400 Nm of maximum torque and rotation speeds of 1,250 rpm with a nominal power of 38 kW (peak power is 100 kW). The operating voltage varies between 300 and 460 Volts. All in just 57 kg of weight

With the new E-Axle Gen 2, Nidec aims to secure a share of the electric motor market equal to 44% by 2030. If with Gen 1 the company had obtained a more than good market success, with 520,000 units produced to date, it is not surprising that the powertrain that has just gone into production will be able to repeat the excellent sales figures obtained so far by the house, if not improve them. >

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