Wireless TV Headphones | The best of 2022

Wireless TV Headphones | The best of 2022

On the market there are not only wired and wireless headphones, but also those specifically designed to be connected to the TV or smart TV. Despite belonging to a small market niche, wireless TV headphones are appreciated for the way they work, different from that of a headset that we usually use on the move.

Read also: Bluetooth headphones | The best of 2022 Instead of Bluetooth and depending on the model, wireless TV headphones use radio frequency or infrared technology to transmit audio signals. Both technologies have a number of advantages over a traditional headset, the audio quality above all, and they share the fact that to work they need a device (similar to a router) that takes care of receiving and sending the audio signal to the headphones.

Depending on the freedom of movement you want, it is preferable to focus on one technology or another but, before addressing this topic, we want to tell you about the best wireless TV headphones currently available on the market and that you can buy without efforts on major e-commerce. If you are interested in the best wireless headphones in general, you will find on our pages the guides that will suit you.

The best wireless TV headphones

Sennheiser RS ​​195 Sony MDR-RF895RK Philips SHD8850 Sennheiser RS ​​120 II Avantree Opera

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