How Boosting Has Affected World of Warcraft: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of World of Warcraft Boosting Services

World of Warcraft was first released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. Since its initial launch 8 major expansion packs have been released with a ninth, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, scheduled to come out in November of 2022. Despite being around for over 18 years, World of Warcraft has a large and dedicated fanbase with over 1.1 million active players daily.


Many of the activities in World of Warcraft require players to reach a high level, something that can be difficult and time consuming to attain, especially for newer players. It isn’t uncommon for players lacking time to purchase a WoW EU boost to attain rank faster or get rare weapons and items in the game.


There are mixed feelings about the use of boosting services and how it will affect online gaming in games such as World of Warcraft. WoW developer, Blizzard, banned account sharing to prevent skilled players from logging into other players accounts and “boosting” their rank. However, boosting is allowed if there is no account sharing and no real-world money is exchanged.



What is Boosting?


Boosting is simply when a skilled and experienced players assists another player in reaching a higher level or acquiring in game items for a fee. WoW is notorious for being very time-consuming to reach the higher levels. A professional booster will either log in to a players account and play their character (piloted boost), or accompany a player on difficult raids and quests, using their advanced skills to ensure success (self-play boost).


In spite of Blizzard’s ban on account sharing, there are numerous boosting platforms that offer both piloted and self-play boost and carry services, and there are plenty of players willing to make use of them. A player need only select the particular WoW boosting service they want from the platform, be it reaching level 60, obtaining a unique mount or something else. Once the fee is paid, a professional booster is assigned, and in a short time the player has achieved their in-game goals.


Some players are adamantly against boosting services in WoW, others are for it while some remain indifferent. There are both positive and negative effects of WoW boosting services that should be considered.



Pros of World of Warcraft Boosting


The following are some of the positive aspects of WoW boosting services.


      Attain Levels and Get Rare Weapons and Gear: Using a boosting service, players can reach levels and obtain gear that they never would be able to get on their own. A lot of the content in World of Warcraft can’t be accessed unless you have reached the highest level of the game, meaning that players who lack the skill to reach these levels never get to play some of the best parts of the game.


      More Level Playing Field: It can be frustrating for an inexperienced player to start a game only to find themselves killed off within minutes of starting, and if it happens often enough, they may just stop playing. A boosting service can get them the gear they need to be competitive until they develop better skills.


      Save Time: Not every player who uses boosting services lacks the skills to reach the highest levels. They lack time due to other commitments such as family, work and school. A lot of time needs to be invested to reach the highest levels in World of Warcraft, and not everybody has the free time to spare. Boosting allows them to enjoy the best parts of the game without spending hours grinding to reach the necessary rank.


Cons of World of Warcraft Boosting


Negatives of using a WoW boosting service include:


      Skills not Developed: A player who reaches the highest game level and completed the most difficult quests through use of a boosting service may not have developed the skills that they would have if they had completed it themselves. This can result in them being completely overmatched when facing somebody who completed the same tasks on their own. A boosted player may also end up with some disgruntled teammates when they aren’t able to carry their own weight on difficult raids.


      Upset Balance in Match-Making: In World of Warcraft PvP, a Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is calculated for each player so that you will be pitted against players of similar skills, making for a more balanced match. As mentioned, players who achieved their level through a boosting service may not have the skills indicated by their MMR, which throws off the balance in player versus player matches


      Costs Money: Using a boosting service isn’t free. There will be a cash outlay that can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on the specific boosts a player wants.


Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not to use a World of Warcraft boosting service is up to the individual player, who will decide for themselves whether it is right or wrong.

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