Russia, email bombing to defect the war in Ukraine

Russia, email bombing to defect the war in Ukraine


"Russian citizen, friend, brother, we are writing to you from Italy on the occasion of a tragic anniversary for our country; a hundred years ago, Benito Mussolini conquered power and gave the fascist regime to Italy and the fascist ideology to the world. The fascist regime ended in 1945 but the fascist ideology is still alive today ". This is the attack of the email with which the Italian Radicals, recovering 1.5 million addresses from some repository on the dark web, have symbolically chosen to "bomb" (their words) a huge number of Russian citizens with a message. The initiative was precisely named Let's bomb Russia.

"Today we conducted an unprecedented, massive, profoundly radical and nonviolent action by sending one million and 500 thousand emails to Russian citizens asking them to desert the war of the Putin dictator ", explained Massimiliano Iervolino, Giulia Crivellini, Igor Boni and Oles Horodetskyy, respectively secretary, treasurer, president and executive member of Radicali Italiani, during a press conference.

The campaign

And just as leaflets were thrown from the sky during the Second World War, "so today Italian Radicals, on the anniversary of the March on Rome, used the weapon of mass information to scratch the wall of disinformation, fake news and censorship erected by Putin - the group leaders explained - the email addresses were hacked by Anonymous at the beginning of the war in Ukraine and were recovered on the dark web. The massive sending of emails is the new phase of the social campaign already launched a few weeks ago in Russian and English: 'No more a man, no more a penny for Putin's army!' ". That campaign, accompanied by a petition, asks the Italian government to grant political asylum to Russians who defect.

The poster of the campaign "No more a man, no more a penny for Putin's army! "

An appeal, obviously in Russian, to Russian citizens not to accept the mobilization started in recent weeks, desert the war and respond to the appeal of the Radicals. But is it correct to use addresses resulting from a hacking action for this type of action? "We are convinced that it is in line with the radical story. We have been saying who Putin really is for 23 years, only now everyone has opened their eyes", added Iervolino. While Oles Horodetskyy declared: "There are three conditions for winning the war, supporting the Ukrainian resistance, continuing with the sanctions on Russia and not least awakening the consciences of the Russians. Putin with his propaganda has created a parallel reality that professes supremacy. of the Russian people to stem Western decadence. This is a non-violent pacifist initiative, not that of asking for peace in a generic way ".

On her part, Giulia Crivellini recalled that “for months we have been asking for a formal indictment of Putin before the International Criminal Court, just as we asked for Milosevic. We therefore also ask the new government, the Tajani and Nordio ministers to finance the work of the Court. The Court has no jurisdiction over the crimes of aggression. Recently, the ministers of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania asked for the establishment of an ad hoc court to proceed with this accusation as well. The EU also promotes this action so that there are no gray areas of impunity, we ask the Foreign Minister to take action. Finally, we ask the government to welcome the Russian dissidents ".

The message

This is the rest of the message delivered today, after the attack on the fascist roots:" You can verify it, in your Country where Vladimir Putin - like Mussolini a hundred years ago - abolished all freedom of speech and assembly, imprisoned Navalny and all other opponents and declared war on Ukraine on February 24th. Now Putin is asking you to participate to this war, to go to the front. Do not go! Desert! Not a man for Putin's army! Here the info: Italian Radicals asked the Italian government to grant political asylum to Russian deserters. We also invite you to sign the appeal for indictment before the Hague Tribunal of Vladimir Putin, for war crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.владимиру-путину- должно-быть-предъяв / Reply to this mail, let's keep in touch, let's organize the re resistance to Putin! Let's fight together against the new fascism! ".

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