The new Panini Comics comics announced at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

The new Panini Comics comics announced at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Comics news continue to arrive from Lucca Comics and Games 2022: during a press conference held during the event, Panini Comics announced its editorial news, which include the Star Wars line, the editions of French comics and American comics.

Panini Comics news for May 2022

The new Panini Comics comics announced at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Star Wars - High Republic, by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito and Andrea Boccardo, on Star Wars: The high republic 1/23 in April

The war of the bounty hunters will be re-proposed in a single volume in August 2023 Also in a single volume will also be:

Star Wars: Crimson Reign in February 2023 Star Wars: Hidden Empire in September 2023 Obi-Wan in March 2023 The Mandalorian in February 2023 Han Solo and Chewbacca in April 2023 Star Wars Omnibus - Quinlan Vos: Jedi in Darkness in March 2023 Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi, which has not yet been released Vader's Castle Omnibus release date in May 2023 Doctor Aphra Ombinbu s in April 2023 Some Star Wars themed novels have also been announced, of which the release date for some is not yet known :

Path of Deceit - young adult novel, in February 2023 Quest for the Hidden City - middle grade novel Converce - adult novel, in June 2023 The Princess and the Scoundrel Rule of Two Eredede dell'Impero Nuova linea Star Wars Verse, a collection of collections to introduce the reading of Star Wars
The Witcher graphic novel, divided into 7 volumes that will be released starting from February 2023 The Witcher Omnibus 2 The Witcher - Ronin Grendel - Devil's Oadyssey in February 2023 Grendel Omnibus 2 in April 2023 Cyberpunk 2077 - You Have My Word in March 2023 Dungeons & Dragons Omnibus, with the four miniseries written by Jim Zub and drawn by Max Dunbar, in March 2023 Snow Angels , written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Jock. Two hardcover volumes, the first in March 2023 Rain, adaptation of a short story by Joe Hilll, written by David Booher and drawn by Zoe Thorogood, in hardcover in February 2023 Fine Print by Stjepan Sejic. Hardback volume in March 2023

Maxwell the Magic Cat, a strip written and drawn by Alan Moore, in February 2023 Parker, by Darwyn Cooke, two oversized hardcover volumes with an imitation leather slipcase that collect the whole series. The first volume, The Martini Collection in March 2023; the second, The Last Call, in November 2023. Echolands by J.H. Williams III in volume in March 2023 (details here)

French comics and other books for Panini Comics

The French comics announced during the Lucca Comics and Games are, again for next year:

The bestiary and the twilight, by Daria Schmitt in February 2023 L'empire du milieu, the illustrated book of the new film by Asterix and Oblelix, in February 2023 Asterix Omnibus, a new volume collection of the stories of Goscinny and Uderzo. The first volume scheduled for March 2023 contains the issues from 1 to 6. While the book for Panini Comics, of which very little news is known about it, including the release date, is The Art of Hogwarts Legacy

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