Inter-Viktoria Plzeň is tonight, where to see the Champions League match

Inter-Viktoria Plzeň is tonight, where to see the Champions League match

Inter-Viktoria Plzeň is tonight

The Champions League is in the middle of its fifth day, which will culminate tonight with the match between Inter and Viktoria Plzeň. The clash will see the Nerazzurri committed to definitively gaining a place for the round of 16 of the tournament: obtaining a victory against the Czech Republic team would automatically guarantee a place in the next phase of the Champions League, while in the event of a draw or defeat it would be up to look at the results of rivals Barcelona. The clash will be streamed live on Amazon Prime Video, the streaming service of the ecommerce giant that holds the exclusive rights to this match in our country and to 15 other matches of the European competition.

Already there 'last year Amazon had launched into the transmission of Champions League matches, and will do so for at least another two years thanks to the rights acquired until 2024 on the 16 best matches on Wednesday night. Those who want to follow the games in question (decided from time to time with the evolution of the calendar) will therefore have to equip themselves with three elements: a device compatible with the app or the Amazon Prime Video site, a good connection to the Internet and a subscription active at the service.

How to try Amazon Prime Video for free

The first requirement to watch Inter-Viktoria Plzeň in streaming in high definition is the subscription to the Amazon Prime fast delivery service, which it includes access to the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

Those who are not yet subscribers can sign up starting from this page at a price of 49.90 euros per year or 4.99 euros per month, with a 30-day free trial period that starts automatically before your actual subscription. It is precisely this trial period that makes it possible to watch tonight's Champions League match for free, even if in reality the "trick" only works once and cannot be replicated by those who have already tested the service.

The other services included in Amazon Prime Video In addition to the Champions League matches, the trial subscription or the paid period includes other advantages among which free and fast shipping are only the first. In the Prime Video catalog there are hundreds of films, documentaries and TV series; with Prime Reading hundreds of books can be read digitally for free as long as the subscription lasts; on Amazon Music there are thousands of songs to listen to on smartphones, tablets, computers and smart speakers.

How to watch Inter-Viktoria Plzeň

Who has a subscription or has entered the period of test can access Amazon Prime Video from numerous devices. Among the most common are smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and consoles, but to watch games and other content on demand, a computer or in general any monitor or display has an HDMI port to connect to set top boxes or sticks.

In the case of smart devices, the starting point is the Prime Video application of the device, which can be obtained from the reference app store. On a computer, on the other hand, just point the browser to the Amazon Prime Video site. Those who have a traditional and non-smart TV still have two ways to watch the game. The first is by connecting a computer to the TV using an HDMI cable and to send the computer's video signal to the TV; the second method consists in connecting a set top box or a smart key directly to the hdmi input of the TV. The most popular and compatible products with the Amazon Prime Video app are easy and cheap to find online, and include:

Sky Q TimVision Box Now Smart Stick Nvidia Shield Amazon Fire Stick Google Chromecast with Google TV Xiaomi Mi Box S

The program of the evening

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9 pm, but by now Amazon's pre-match programming has become rich, and the evening on the streaming platform begins at 7 pm : 30 with the approach to the match. After the end of the match it will then be the turn of the highlights to relive the most important moments of the meeting just ended.

When the link opens, the direct link to the live broadcast will be available on the Amazon homepage, but to get there from anywhere in the interface, a touch or click on the drop-down menu is enough to follow the path Categories> Sports> Your live and future events; alternatively just write "Champions League" in the search box next to the magnifying glass.

X-Ray and highlights

To fully enjoy all the action of the match you can use two functions already known to Prime Video customers: the first is called X-Ray and offers insights into what happens on the screen while playing Prime Video content. In the case of live matches, it offers real-time statistics on the teams in the field.

The second function is called highlights and also during live shows the most important moments of the actions just concluded, without having to wait for replays from the direction or the end of the match.

The two functions are activated differently depending on the device used. On smartphones and tablets just rotate the device vertically, while from products with remote control or mouse you have to move up with the arrows or move the cursor to make the button to be selected appear.

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