IPVanish VPN - Review

IPVanish VPN - Review

IPVanish VPN is truly a veteran in the VPN industry, in fact the company has over 8 years of market presence. It is proposed as one of the safest and most performing services in the sector. On the other hand, it offers more than 40,000 IP addresses, over 2,000 VPN servers located in over 75 countries. IPVanish, therefore, combines functionality and performance with a series of interesting plans also from an economic point of view. The company also claims to have a no-log policy, therefore it does not record any information about users, offers connection to unlimited devices and does not place any restrictions on data transfers. So is IPVanish worth considering as a VPN service provider? Let's find out together.

The first thing that IPVanish puts in black and white once you enter the site is that the service uses the WireGuard protocol by default. This is a very interesting data, as an innovative type of encryption is used that offers privacy, security and speed at very high levels. WireGuard is faster than existing VPN protocols and also more streamlined, just think that OpenVPN includes 100,000 lines of code, while WireGuard only 4,000, so verification and inspection operations will be much faster and more effective.

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Plans and Pricing

At the moment, IPVanish offers its users two basic pricing plans, namely a monthly and an annual plan that offers the possibility to try the service for 30 days with risk-free, full refund.

Both plans come with unlimited devices and no bandwidth restrictions. The annual subscription also includes VIPRE antivirus which protects against malware and ransomware.

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