Black Friday Air fryers, the best offers

Black Friday Air fryers, the best offers

Black Friday Air fryers

The official day of Black Friday is just a few weeks away but, as you know, the latter could start a few weeks earlier, at least on the larger portals. Also during the 2022 edition there will be price cuts, which will allow millions of Italians to buy the most coveted products at bargain prices. The savings could also apply to air fryers, and that's why below we will list some models that you should keep an eye on.

The ones we mention belong to different price ranges and, as mentioned, are the ones you should consider first, as their quality is high regardless of the price. Therefore, reliable solutions, often also equipped with intelligent functions, which go beyond simple but very important healthy cooking. Some of these air fryers may already be on sale but, as mentioned, the savings could increase starting from mid-November.

We reiterate the advice to focus on the following proposals, but for those who also want to consider other air fryers we suggest you browse the dedicated page, where you can find all the Black Friday offers dedicated to these kitchen appliances. Without further ado, let's find out which air fryers to keep an eye on for this important event dedicated to savings.

InnSky IS-EE003

One of the air fryers you should keep an eye on throughout the month of November is the InnSky IS-EE003. It is a model with a 5.5 liter container, suitable for parties, family reunions and, in general, for lovers of healthy food. The cooking basket is large enough to allow the insertion of a chicken and is extracted just like a drawer, by pulling the handle on the front of the appliance. Being a multicooker machine, you can prepare numerous dishes, obtaining the same results as a ventilated electric oven, with the advantage of eliminating much more moisture from the dishes and guaranteeing a crisp and dry result. There are 8 preset cooking modes, including those dedicated to the preparation of fish, meat and pizza. There is a digital touch screen with which to program and start the various modes.


InnSky IS-EE004

This fryer has the same capacity than the previous one, but has a more refined design and is made entirely of stainless steel, which allows the external part of the device not to overheat in an exaggerated way and not to run the risk of going into burns. Equipped with a beautiful LCD touch display, through which it will be possible to select one of the 7 cooking modes, this model will be perfect for preparing numerous dishes in record time thanks to the power of 1,700W. It is also worth noting the presence inside the package of a multilingual cookbook containing 32 recipes. An excellent fryer already at this price, but unmissable if it falls below the € 100 threshold.


De Longhi FH1394

Another model that deserves to be added to your favorites to keep its price under control is De Longhi's . The latter is not among the cheapest available but, despite this, it boasts an excellent quality / price ratio, given that its size will allow you to prepare dishes for a fair number of people and therefore it is ideal to meet the needs of all family, thanks also to the possibility of manually adjusting the temperature according to the type of food you are going to put in the basket. The latter is interesting because, through an automatic movement, it is cyclically immersed in and out of the oil, in order to obtain fried and crunchy foods at the right point.


Philips HD9860

If you want to save money on perhaps the best air fryer on Black Friday, this is the model you should follow. Its 2,225W ensure a power capable of cooking food in a very short time, while the large basket allows you to prepare a whole chicken without difficulty. It is a high-level product, with patented technologies such as the Twin TurboStar, which emanates a whirlwind of hot air that envelops the entire cooking basket, in order to cook the dishes evenly. Furthermore, it boasts a sophisticated system capable of capturing the fat from food and trapping it on the bottom of the cooking basket, thus making the cleaning phase much more convenient. Finally, there is a temperature maintenance function, which allows you to serve the dishes at the right time.


Aigostar Smart Cube

Another air fryer you should keep an eye on is the Aigostar Smart Cube. In this case we are dealing with a smart model, therefore able to connect with the dedicated app that you will install on your smartphone, from which you can then control the various cooking programs. The 7-liter basket will satisfy the needs not only of a couple, but of the whole family, since it has enough space to prepare over 1 kg of chips. If you usually prepare the latter, you cannot do without the pre-installed program, which will automatically set the right settings so that you can enjoy excellent fries. The same goes for shrimp, chicken, beef, meat and fish, which also boast a dedicated program.


Cosori CP158-AF

Among the fryers The most sought-after air of the last period is undoubtedly this model by Cosori, which we have included among those you should keep an eye on, even if at the time of our writing it already enjoys a small discount. T he peculiarity that allows it to stand out from the competition are the 13 integrated functions, with cooking programs also dedicated to seafood, bacon and root vegetables. In short, a model that could potentially allow you to better prepare a greater number of recipes, all in a 5.5 liter container.


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