Musk must now take Twitter issues seriously

Musk must now take Twitter issues seriously

Elon Musk isa> ready to acquire Twitter. After updating his bio with the title of chief twit and setting the location at the company's headquarters, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX showed up on October 26 with a sink in his hand, immortalizing the scene with a published video precisely in favor of his over 110 million followers.

Musk's reference is to the old meme of a sink (sink in English) inserted with photomontages in several contexts and associated with the saying “let that sink in ". Literally translating to "let it sink", the phrase was used by the South African tycoon to invite the public to take the time to understand that this is really happening, it is really finalizing the purchase of Twitter.

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The reconstruction

In time for October 28, the deadline set by the Delaware court, the outcome is therefore approaching of a deal that formally kicked off last April, when Musk made an offer of $ 44 billion to buy Twitter. Offer that had been accepted, before the entrepreneur suspended the agreement with the intent of verifying the real number of fake accounts on the San Francisco social network.

That choice had fueled a long push and pull , as well as a heated debate on the implications for privacy, freedom of expression and society's future of the agreement. After accusing Twitter of not wanting to provide him with the necessary data required to carry out the checks, Musk chose to retrace his steps, formalizing his decision with a letter sent to the SEC, the authority that supervises the US stock exchange.

Elon Musk asked Twitter for the discount The background was revealed by the New York Times. Tesla's boss allegedly pushed for a drop of up to 30% on the share price to formulate his offer to buy but the social network refused

The breakthrough

In response to this step, Twitter decided to denounce the tycoon to force him to keep his commitments, receiving a counter-complaint. The process was supposed to start on October 17, but at the beginning of the month a new turnaround by Musk changed the cards on the table, causing the parties to return to work on finalizing the agreement according to the terms set in April. .

By the fateful date of October 28, Tesla's CEO will therefore be the new owner of Twitter and will be able to return to designing the total app. "Elon - Twitter marketing director Leslie Berland told employees, as reported by Bloomberg - is in the San Francisco offices this week for meetings. This is just the beginning of many meetings and conversations with Elon, and you will be able to hear it directly from him on Friday ".

Elon Musk ready to fire 75% of Twitter employees According to what the Washington Post has learned, the Tesla boss wants to drastically downsize the social network, with risks for cybersecurity and the fight against fake news

The cut of the employees

If positive notes arrive for Musk from the title of the company rising to 53 dollars (not too far from the 54.20 offered by him in the spring) and from the agreement with Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, which helped finance the acquisition, he may be worried about managing the social network. According to Time reports, employees are in fact circulating an open letter in the company to protest against the possible cut of 75% of the workforce that would be foreseen by the reorganization plan. A hypothesis that, again according to Bloomberg, has already been denied by "people familiar with the issue".

Elon Musk and "the total app", so he needs to buy Twitter The owner of Tesla retraces his steps and announces that he wants to buy the social network under the same conditions as the first offer, with the aim of developing a super app

Trump's return

Another tile for Musk could come from users of Twitter. For now there are over 200 million people registered on the platform worldwide, but many have posted tweets on their profiles in which they said they are ready to leave the social network if the South African tycoon really were to revoke the indefinite ban imposed on it. former US President Donald Trump after the events on Capitol Hill.

In May, during a Financial Times conference, Musk said that “permanent bans fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter as a town square in which everyone can express their opinion ", adding that he considers the temporary suspensions sensible. Trump had made it known that he did not want to return to the social network:" I hope - he told Fox News - that Elon acquires Twitter because it will improve it, she is a good one person. But I'll stay on Truth. "After October 28, all the knots will finally come to a head.

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