The unmissable events on Saturday 29 October at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

The unmissable events on Saturday 29 October at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

After the opening day, a Saturday full of unmissable events awaits us. Here is the complete list of events on Saturday 29 October at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

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The unmissable events of Saturday 29 October at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Lucca Comics and Games 2022 - Saturday 29: events related to D&D, comics, Lord of the rings and television series Lucca Comics and Games 2022 - Saturday 29: events related to Videogames Lucca Comics and Games 2022 - Saturday 29: events for the little ones
at 9:00 am, and continuing throughout the day, at Piazza Prime Video (Piazzale Arrigoni & San Colombano Underground), in the Prime Video space, fans will be transported to the worlds of The Boys, INVERSO - The Peripheral and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, where they can become Vought's new field agents and test Temp V with The Boys, take a look at their future in the 2032 Forever Fab shop with INVERSO - The Peripheral and experience the wonders of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, thanks to an exclusive costume exhibition, corner for photo opportunities and the sensational experience of viewing a key scene in the series. Look for the sign of Sauron around Lucca to unlock an exclusive opportunity ... 9:45 am, the D&D Tavern opens the day with one of the most anticipated events of the Movie Area curated by QMI: Dungeons and dragons: the honor some thieves! Directors Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley and producer Jeremy Latcham will meet fans for autographs, photos and to tackle the jelly-like cube! 10:30 am: at the Teatro del Giglio there will be the world premiere of the first four episodes of the animated series Dragonero. I Paladini, based on the successful comic created by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti, international co-production Sergio Bonelli Editore together with Rai Kids, Power Kids and NexusTV.

At the same time in Sala Ingellis, the historic Mondadori Urania series will celebrate its 70 years with the awarding of Franci Conforti, winner of the Urania 2022 Prize, the highest recognition of science fiction fiction in Italy.

At the same time, in the Church of San Giovanni we will talk about artistic inspiration with Muse: a journey between artistic influences, with Leo Ortolani - presenting Musa, his first artbook. 11:00 am: at the Astra Cinema, the directors and producer of Dungeons and dragons: the honor of thieves! will be the protagonists of a panel dedicated to the film during which they will share some exclusive contents of the film to be released for Eagle Pictures in 2023. 12:00 at the Church of San Giovanni, Chris Ware, one of the greatest contemporary authors, to tell how he created Building Stories (Coconino Press): a graphic novel unique in its nature, which redefines the limits of comic book narration and goes beyond the boundaries of the book-object. 13:00 at the Giglio there will be the Happy Birthday Spider-Man event! , with the editorial director of Marvel Italia Panini Comics, Marco M. Lupoi, the designers Giuseppe Camuncoli (co-creator of the Spider-Verse) and Sara Pichelli, the editor in chief of Marvel, C.B. Cebulski and the legendary John Romita Jr. There will also be ambassador Sara "Kurolily" Stefanizzi. The event is curated and directed by Marco Rizzo, one of the three Italians to have written the adventures of Spidey. At the same time, Atushi Ohkubo will be at the Auditorium of San Girolamo: the perfect opportunity for a one-to-one chat with the author of Fire Force and Soul Eater. A final surprise is expected! 13:30 Mirka Andolfo, Fumettibrutti and Collettivo Moleste, will be the protagonists of the panel on female eroticism. A united look at the redefinition of the relationship between women and eroticism. 2.30 pm: at the Salone del Vescovado; Lucca Comics & Games closes the path to enhance the trio of international artists who have shaped the imagery of Tolkien's epic: Alan Lee, John Howe and Ted Nasmith, with The Art of Ted Nasmith. 3.00 pm, in the Church of San Giovanni, a meeting to discover the talent and extraordinary artistic path of Chris Riddell, one of the most ironic, cultured and refined contemporary authors and illustrators. Political cartoonist of the Observer, author of over one hundred books, nominated Waterstones Children's Laureate and awarded the Order of the British Empire for his work, Chris Riddell will open the doors of his boundless world of wonders, made of revisited myths, fantastic inventions and fairy tales. A unique opportunity to get to know the irreverent genius of an unparalleled artist live. 3.30 pm: at the Giglio you will be able to experience an afternoon of horror colors with the meeting with the cast of the film Dampyr, the debut work by Bonelli Entertainment in co-production with Eagle Pictures and Brandon Box. Archbishopric Corrado Roi will ask, who are you? A master of mezzotint, fresh from the cover of a classic of the fantastic like Bram Stoker's Dracula, starting from an idea by Pietro Alligo, meets the black Diabolik in the revival of one of his most iconic episodes, Diabolik, who are you? in which for the first time mention is made of the origins of the "King of terror". 4.30 pm Church of San Giovanni: meeting with Nagabe. Born in 1993, the young mangaka published his first work in 2013, experimenting over the years with various genres and approaches, thus maturing his highly recognizable style: between fairytale dimensions and anthropomorphic animals, the young Sensei talks about himself interviewed by Roberto Recchioni. 16:30: in the Tobino Room, the Moleste feminist collective will be at the center of the meeting Make noise, For a new narrative on gender violence where it will present a collection of nine comic stories edited by them and winner of the Boscarato Award "Best comic for a young audience ". A panel that concerns everyone and everyone, on the urgency to regain possession of one's own narrative, to break taboos, omissions and silences on gender-based violence in all its unacceptable nuances with courage and determination. 16:30: central cinema; Roberto recchioni, scriptwriter and curator of Dylan Dog, will present, within the Movie area program, Carne Fredda at 19:00: at Cinema Astra, Amazon Prime Video presents: INVERSO - The Peripheral Episode 1, the story of Flynne Fisher ( Chloë Grace Moretz), a woman trying to keep the pieces of her broken family together in a forgotten corner of future America. INVERSO - The Peripheral, based on the novel by the great author William Gibson, offers a fascinating and hallucinatory look at the fate of humanity and what is to come. 7:30 pm: at the Central Cinema, Prime Video presents: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Episode 1 and 2; s encrypted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Lindsay Calhoon Bring (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), this dark-hued teen melodrama introduces a new generation of Little Liars harassed by A - a masked killer who has the aim to punish them for their sins and also for those of their mothers. To subscribe to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service also taking advantage of the 30-day trial, you can use this link.

at 9.30 pm the Lucca & Comics & Games Awards, the Italian 'Oscars' of comics and games, will be announced at the Teatro del Giglio. The awards ceremony will be broadcast in the second evening exclusively on Rai 4, as part of the special episode of Wonderland. At the same time, at Music & Comics Arena the legendary Rhapsody of Fire, who have always drawn inspiration from the fantasy world for their music, will entertain fans with their symphonic power metal. Lucca Comics and Games 2022 - Saturday 29: events related to videogames

10:30 am Mario Moroni moderates the evolution of the videogame: from cabinets to esports. A dialogue with Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari) and Ilja Rotelli (Head of Investment & Business Development, International - Amazon Games). 12:00 Mario Moroni moderates New frontiers of gaming: esports and professions of the future. What will be the new frontiers of gaming? What are the new professions that will be born linked for example to esports? We discuss it with Pow3r (Pro Player and Content Creator), Gian Luca Rocco (Journalist for Mediaset and writer) and Daniel Schimdhofer (Founder and CEO of ProGaming Italia). 12:00 at the Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca the panel From comics to video games will be held… how do you create a soundtrack for video games? The question will be answered by Eimear Noone, composer and first female conductor at the Oscar Night.

In the San Romano Auditorium, renamed Esports Cathedral, the exhibition center, where the BAOLO CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES will take place - League of Legends stramer tournament with talents such as Paolocannone, Fragola, Deidara, Lilyane, Darkchri and KasumiSen. In the afternoon, at the Sala Incontri R.E.C, CD PROJEKT RED will be the protagonist with "Bringing Night City to Life", a panel focused on narration and all its facets present in Cyberpunk 2077. Following, the unmissable panel held by Mauro Perini, Art Director of Ubisoft Milan, will talk about the challenges born from the union of two worlds as different as those of Super Mario and the Rabbids, for Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. In the evening, the Viewing Party of the first semifinal of the League of Legends World Championship will be broadcast live from Atlanta, from Esports Cathedral, with the commentary in Italian by Roberto “KenRhen” Prampolini, Emiliano “Moonboy” Marini and Andrea “Juannetti” Giovannetti.
As every year, children up to 10 years enter for free; For them, the appointment at 12.00 at the Central Cinema, where food star Benedetta Rossi presents Super Benny, the first animated production entirely dedicated to her.

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