League of Legends Wild Rift, two years of mobile title

League of Legends Wild Rift, two years of mobile title

League of Legends Wild Rift

The mobile market is growing, more and more companies are approaching the world of gaming on mobile devices and obviously the greats of the sector are interested in bringing their products to a completely new audience that wants to find out how you can also play well on your smartphone, with quality products and followed by teams that support their projects with passion. This is precisely the case of Riot, who two years ago launched a "miniature" version of his most majestic creature on the mobile market. League of Legends Wild Rift is two years old and a lot has passed since its launch, lots of news, lots of champions and above all lots of changes to bring the best of League to mobile devices.

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A difficult task, and that even developers know it's not always easy. In fact, the thing that is there for all to see is that of the roster of champions. League of Legends Wild Rift has a completely different roster than the main PC title. How come, you may be wondering. Well the answer is actually as simple as it is complex in resolution. Despite what one might think, it is not easy to adapt the content that is produced for the PC title within a UX like that of a mobile game. Consequently, the team always works closely with the players to understand which are the most suitable champions to be able to translate into Wild Rift, in such a way as to always have a perfect balance between difficulty in managing a champion, and ease in playing a game of League of Legends.

This is the first real anniversary event that faces the title and the development team wanted to put a lot of effort into making sure it is remembered as one of the most important. And in fact, many small events are in the process of celebrating the community and its contribution to what is becoming one of the most played MOBAs on mobile. But obviously we had no doubts about this, having behind a team of talents like that of Riot Games. There was also time to talk about how important it is to be able to reach every market, and it is in the team's interest to reach anywhere in the world. However, the difficulties are many and above all they vary from country to country. Different legislation, so many rules to respect, in short, it is not always easy to bring a title like League of Legends Wild Rift anywhere in the world.

There are also many updates and plans for the future of the title which according to of the team, it could also become something that diverges slightly from the PC version (never say never). The first is obviously the interest in bringing Wild Rift to an ever-growing audience, thus managing to reach as many countries as possible. Being able to improve the gameplay experience more and more within the moor. So everything about the dragon, the jungle and wool experience. Consequently, therefore, having a gameplay that allows the player not to feel too limited in using a smartphone to play. And in this also with the UI and the UX some big steps forward have already been made in the last few months. players to always be alert to what is possible within the game. New ways to compete, win rewards and then unlock exclusive items. It is always interesting to see how a well-established team like Riot Games is ready to face new challenges to colonize a sector that is often left to itself, with titles that have felt the weight of time over the years. League od Legends Wild Rift, on the other hand, is a completely different experience, and that even if it only took a small part from its older brother on PC, it would be a huge achievement.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift - Blitzcrank Beginner Tips

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  • Learning About Item Loadouts
  • League Of Legends: Wild Rift has a bunch of Champions, but they largely fall into broad categories that cover specific roles within a team scenario. These are Marksman, Mid, Top, Jungler, and arguably the most important role, Support. This is where the focus of our guide comes in - Blitzcrank, the arm-stretching mechanical wonder.

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    Blitzcrank is one of the most iconic characters in all of League Of Legends due to his game-changing kit. More specifically, his ability to reach out and touch just about anyone, at any time, from (almost) anywhere. Physical boundaries mean nothing to Blitzcrank, and mastering him will require a mastery of his grab. Let's dive in.

    Since Blitzcrank is primarily a Support, it means that you will rarely be playing alone. In fact, you should always be accompanying a Marksman in the bottom lane.

    Know Your SkillsMana Barrier (Passive Skill)Blitzcrank gains a Shield based on his mana when dropping to low HP. This gives Blitzcrank a deceptive amount of survivability.Rocket GrabThis is the reason you take Blitzcrank. This move is staggeringly good, as it displaces an enemy champion by dragging them to you. This is a death sentence to most characters who are hit by it in the mid/late game. Get good at aiming and landing these.OverdriveBlitzcrank buffs his movement and attack speed. When the effect ends, his movement is debuffed for a short time. Great for chasing, dealing damage, and closing distance so you can land a Rocket Grab.Power FistPower Fist is Blitzcranks other amazing support skill. His next attack is a guaranteed critical hit and knocks his opponent into the air. This skill works amazingly with Rocket Grab as you can lock down an enemy for an extended period, giving your team plenty of time to finish them off.Static FieldBlitzcrank’s Ultimate has two elements. Passively, Blitzcrank marks enemies when he attacks, dealing bonus delayed damage. When activated, however, Blitzcrank deals damage in a large AOE around him, and briefly silences enemies. Great in most situations, but especially good at, you guessed it, messing with an enemy who was Rocket Grabbed. This will prevent them from popping mobility skills to escape.What Attacks To Charge First
  • Firstly you absolutely want to take Rocket Grab first. This attack is too good and it is the core of Blitzcrank’s playstyle. Delaying this mostly invalidates your character. You will also want to prioritise this for future levelling up once you’ve unlocked all of your skills.
  • Next up is Power Fist. Your combo is basically locked in at level 2, and this makes you a nightmare. You can assassinate the enemy Marksman and Support with ease using this combo - especially with Jungler support.
  • Pick up Overdrive to give you some utility and expand your threat range. This will be the last ability you upgrade as every other skill in his kit outshines it.
  • Whenever you get the opportunity, pick up Static Field. The damage increase is very nice and it can help secure kills.
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    Learning About Item LoadoutsSupport Tank

    This is Blitzcrank’s default loadout and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is all about boosting Blitzcrank’s defences. This allows Blitzcrank to get into the thick of it, deal his damage, and get into position to land those sneaky Rocket Grabs.

    Relic ShieldThis is a great starter item. It allows Blitzcrank to gain Gold faster without impacting your Marksman and even provides a small heal. Stat-wise, Relic Shield grants a nice boost to your HP. Finally, it transforms into Targon’s Buckler once it earns 500 Gold, which is a nice boost.Winter’s ApproachWinter’s Approach provides everything Blitzcrank wants. Firstly, it provides HP, making you more survivable. It also provides a hefty chunk of Mana, which also increases your Mana Barrier’s effectiveness. Not only that, but it also passively grants more HP based on your total Mana AND grants Mana per attack, eventually transforming into Fimbulwinter.Ionian LocketBlitzcrank doesn’t provide much protection for their team in the traditional sense. This is where Ionion Locket comes into play. This item lets Blitzcrank shield his allies for a brief time, making them harder to kill during a fight.Zeke’s ConvergenceAnother excellent choice that boosts Armour, Resistance, and Mana - all things Blitzcrank loves. It can also be activated to boost your allies, increasing their damage.Dead Man’s PlateAnother defensive item that boosts HP and Armour. Not only that, but it also gives Blitzcrank a nice boost to bust damage thanks to Momentum. Ideal when combined with the likes of Power Fist or Rocket Grab.Abyssal MaskFinally, abyssal Mask grants HP, Mana, and Resistance, increasing Blitzcrank’s survivability even further. It also debuffs enemies making them less resistant to magic damage.Scaling Mage Tank

    This build is still tanky but focuses more on damage than pure mitigation.

    Relic ShieldSame as above - just an excellent starting item.Winter’s ApproachAgain, great item.Ionian GloryIonian Glory is incredibly disruptive and perfect on a more aggressive Blitzcrank. It allows you to run towards the enemy team (stacks with Overdrive) before unleashing a slowing shockwave. Great for chasing fleeing enemies.Dead Man’s PlateThe bonus Momentum damage works wonders with this build.Force Of NatureBonus HP and Resistance with a dash of movement speed make Blitzcrank harder to kill, and harder to escape from.Iceborn GauntletThe final piece of the puzzle. Bonuses to HP, Armour, and Mana make Blitzcrank even tankier. It also allows him to trigger bonus damage on attacks after a skill is used, giving Blitzcrank even more burst.A Quick Note On Spells

    Flash is almost a must on every champion - it is just that good. Flash allows Blitzcrank to do so much - chase, escape, dodge, reposition, land grabs, etc. The best utility tool in the game.

    We enjoy running Ignite on Blitzcrank since he is such an aggressive Champion. This will help him deal more damage, and deal it from a distance which is not a thing Blitzcrank can normally do.

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