The most important news of the week

The most important news of the week

Welcome back to our recap of the most important news of the week, which in this case sees the arguments relating to the sensational leak of GTA 6 triumph again, or rather the consequences that the data theft suffered by Rockstar Games has had on the development team and on the gaming industry in general.

However, FIFA 23, the new NVIDIA RTX 4090 and 4080, the new Xbox Series X | S models and the hypothetical version of PS5 with removable disc player, of the 'just announced Iron Man game made by Motive, the size of God of War on PS4, Final Fantasy 16 and some curiosities related to Pokémon and Kojima Productions.

The consequences of the GTA leak 6

GTA, an artwork of the fifth episode You will certainly remember that a few days ago GTA 6 was the victim of a sensational leak that revealed something like ninety videos taken from a preliminary version of the game. Well, the consequences of the data theft suffered by Rockstar Games immediately made themselves felt, first of all as regards the perception that users had of the graphics of the new episode; and so the developers had to lie to a gamer who claimed that the visual sector was the first thing that is fine-tuned during production: exactly the opposite is true.

Still on the subject of Rockstar Games, the tweet with the release on the leak was the most appreciated ever: evidently the many fans of the studio and of the Grand Theft Auto series have understood the gravity of what happened, welcoming in a very positive way the post that the authors of the franchise have published, also to reassure all on the fact that there will be no delays due to what happened.

Finally, it seems that the actress who plays the protagonist of GTA 6 has been unveiled: it would be Alexandra Echavarri, who has a large number of short films and minor productions to her credit, and who for this reason boasts a face little known to the general public: a solution that Rockstar has always favored, while taking into great consideration the talent of the performers and their ability to guarantee a certain intensity in the dialogues.

The web app of FIFA 23 is available FIFA 23 web app has attracted the attention of users, even without generating any kind of discussion.

We read that the web app differs from the classic companion app as it works in the environment to your browser, and stands as "a decidedly convenient and important tool for the great fans of the series, because it allows you to manage the club directly from the internet and access the market, therefore possibly checking the valuations and buying and selling players". Convenient, right?

NVIDIA RTX 4080 and 4090 officially presented

NVIDIA, the new GPUs During the GeForce Beyond event, the NVIDIA RTX 4080 and 4090, that is the GPUs, were officially presented top of the range belonging to the new generation of video cards of the Californian company. As expected, these are two absolute monsters of power, powered by the new Ada Lovelace chip and equipped with support for DLSS 3 technology.

Unfortunately, the prices for Italy of RTX 4080 and 4090 are very high: it starts from € 1,099 for the first in the 12 GB version of RAM, which becomes € 1,469 with 16 GB of RAM, while for the RTX 4090 it even reaches € 1,949. Considering that we are talking about the Founder's Editions and that custom models generally cost more, it goes without saying that the next generation of NVIDIA GPUs will not be for everyone.

Does The Pokémon Company hate Nuzlocke challenges?

Pokémon, the characters of Scarlet and Violet What are Nuzlocke challenges? In practice, these are skill tests related to the Pokémon series and established by users, which self-inflict "malus" with the aim of overcoming a certain phase of the game, for example without being able to cure one's character or with other limitations. Well, it seems that The Pokémon Company hates the Nuzlocke challenges as if it were piracy.

The issue is controversial: according to the statements of some former Nintendo employees, these challenges are considered extremely negatively by the company, which over time she would have categorically refused to acknowledge their existence and support them in any way. Other sources report instead that there would not be all this hatred: who tells the truth?

Kojima Productions and NASA announce Space Ludens

Space Ludens Another tour, another curiosity: Kojima Productions and the NASA have announced Space Ludens, a limited edition wristwatch that will go on sale in a couple of days, on September 27, and which is visually inspired by Ludens, the mascot of the development team founded by Hideo Kojima. A really nice product, which we imagine will sell out immediately.

"Anicorn designed Space Ludens with Kojima Productions using the NASA logo as one of the design motifs," reads the official description. "The watch is fundamentally inspired by Ludens' all EVA / Extra-Vehicular Activity. Ludens is the icon and mascot of the Kojima Productions studio designed by Yoji Shinkawa, born from the idea of ​​an astronaut exploring a digital space."

God of War Ragnarok, the dimensions of the game on PS4

God of War Ragnarok, Kratos prepares to face Thor It has often been talked about how the data compression technologies available to PS5 have led to a substantial reduction in the disk space occupied by games, and the new adventure of Kratos and Atreus is no exception. However, the title is cross-gen, as we know, and it seems that the dimensions of God of War Ragnarok on PS4 are gargantuan: 90.6 GB, according to the information reported by PlayStation Game Size.

For the moment these are not yet definitive and confirmed data, but the possibility that the new chapter of the Santa Monica Studio series takes up a lot of disk space are concrete. Particularly surprising is the comparison with the God of War of 2018, which required "just" 42.59 GB to install on the hard disk: is the sequel really twice the size?

Xbox Series X | S, Phil Spencer talks about new models and price increase

Phil Spencer The rise in the price of PS5 has set a dangerous precedent for the gaming industry and it is therefore assumed that we turn to Microsoft and Nintendo to understand if they too they plan to implement the same strategy. In this case Phil Spencer talked about possible new models of the Xbox Series X | S and the possible price increase.

Well, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming said that at the moment the only planned hardware revisions are suitable. to decrease the energy consumption of the consoles, therefore no new models of Xbox Series X or S are expected, and that in the same way a price increase is not part of the plans of the Redmond house, as already explained on at least a couple of occasions. br>

Iron Man, officially announced the game of Motive

Iron Man, the teaser image of the game developed by Motive Motive, EA and Marvel have officially announced the game of Iron Man, a tie- particularly awaited given the popularity of the superhero brought to the big screen by Robert Downey Jr., protagonist of a couple of relatively recent transpositions on behalf of SEGA and present in the cast of Marvel's Avengers, but without standing out as we would expect from a character of such caliber.

The objective of Electronic Arts is therefore to enhance the fascinating figure of Tony Stark, his creative genius and the ability to create avant-garde devices, first of all the armor to high technology of Iron Man: a story that lends itself to a thousand different interpretations and that Motive will try to tell in the best way, as part of a project that can finally do justice to the hero created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

Final Fantasy 16 is playable until the end

Final Fantasy 16, the protagonist Although not presented at the recent Tokyo Game Show, apparently Final Fantasy 16 is playable until the end, therefore the development of the game is proceeding very well, the bases of the experience have now been laid and the project could be in the finishing phase. Producer Naoki Yoshida spoke of it as "a roller coaster" with lots of action and lots of plot.

The commitment of the development team is in short to deliver us a solid and balanced episode, able to involve us thanks to an exciting story and to offer us exciting mechanics, more oriented to an action gameplay than what we saw in Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, to mention the last two productions belonging to the Square Enix franchise.

PS5, new model with removable disc player

PS5, the current version We close with a rumor reported by the well-known leaker Tom Henderson, according to which in 2023 a new model of PS5 with removable disc player will arrive. According to sources, it would be a version without substantial hardware changes compared to the current PlayStation 5, but designed to work exclusively with digital content unless an external player is connected to it to read Blu-Ray.

There will be changes on the design front, and in this sense the leak speaks of a console whose aesthetics will not be influenced by the presence of the player, which would integrate with the chassis without upsetting the shapes of the platform. The sources also report that the drive can also be purchased separately: an interesting option for those who now own the Digital Edition but perhaps regret this choice a bit.

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