A time jump and Eloise's love story in the Bridgerton 3 teaser

A time jump and Eloise's love story in the Bridgerton 3 teaser

Bridgerton 3 starred in this year's Netflix TUDUM with a new video clip in which we see Newton and Jessie sitting and painting "in honor of TUDUM", while Coughlan's voiceover as Lady Whistledown tells what we see. As they paint, both actors exchange questions, talking about what their characters will face next season. Eventually, we see Coughlan with the painting of her, only to reveal the title of the first episode of the third season: “Out of the Shadows“, written by Jess Brownell and directed by Tricia Brock. She also reads a portion of Lady Whistledown's first pamphlet, giving fans a taste of what's to come.

Bridgerton 3 teaser

Bridgerton 3 features the couple formed by Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington finally together, after several years in which Penelope has loved Colin, but not being reciprocated by him. In the last clip, Newton explained how Colin couldn't see what was in front of him, mostly because of the way he and Penelope met as children. Many fans expressed excitement, when they discovered that the couple will take center stage next season, even if in the books it is necessary to wait until the fourth volume, for Penelope and Colin to finally find happiness with each other. >
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Bridgerton's first two seasons unfold one after the other, with no time jumps , but Jessie's commentary on TUDUM along with Eloise's story in the novels suggests that this could change in Bridgerton 3, the series that will be devoted to Eloise's story. Since Eloise is single in her novel it would be impossible for her story to unfold only a few years after Bridgerton's current seasons. This, coupled with Jessie's remark about her character's age, seem to hint that an imminent time jump in Bridgerton's universe may be in sight, useful for accurately adapting Eloise's story.

Bridgerton has been renewed for a fourth season, and although it's not officially confirmed which brother of the Bridgertons will take center stage in the fourth season, most likely it will be Benedict.

Bridgerton 3 will arrive on Netflix, where you can also find the first two seasons of the series. At the moment, an official release date has not yet been announced for the third season of the series.

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