Main CS:GO events: what are they?

Over the years, the CS:GO event ecosystem has become overly complex. Because of this, it is challenging for the typical viewer to comprehend. No one wants to give in to competitors as the biggest tournament organizers compete for attention. The discipline holds a lot of different championships as a result.

Sometimes it comes to the fact that CS:GO events happen every week. Beginning in 2022, the Global Offensive community started bringing up professional leagues on a regular basis. There are now three of them, each with unique traits as a result of the most recent news.

ESL Pro League

We'll begin by talking about the most well-known CS:GO league. It was founded before all the others, making it the one that has been around the longest. Of course, we're referring to the ESL Pro League.

How was the ESL Pro League founded?

ESL and ESEA jointly announced the beginning of the CS:GO Pro League on April 28, 2015. They combined the top teams from North America and Europe (12 teams from each region in the division), offering them a fantastic $1 million in prize money over the course of two seasons. At the same time, prizes were awarded in both the online and LAN finals of the competition.

Format of the ESL Pro League

Although the preceding ten seasons' formats varied slightly, they all adhered to the same principle. The participants of the LAN finals were chosen following the first round of regional qualifications, which took place. Until 2020, this was the situation. Then, the planners gave up on this idea and combined the teams into a single division.


The FLASHPOINT league, formerly known as the B Site, will now be discussed. It directly competes against the ESL Pro League. Its major objective is to ensure that organizations profit steadily from the CS:GO esports environment.

How was FLASHPOINT founded?

In the fall of 2019, FLASHPOINT representatives initially spoke with clubs that have CS:GO rosters. All of this was, however, deemed "top secret," and the public didn't learn of it until it was formally announced. Additionally, it happened on February 5, 2020.


The group stage and playoff format will be used for the inaugural season by the league's organizers. The teams will battle in the opening round of the competition using the GSL system's regulations. They will be split into three groups of four people each. Best of 3 will be the format used for all games.

BLAST Premier

BLAST Premier is the last but not the least league on our list. RFRSH Entertainment is in charge of planning it. They accumulated expertise for two years through short, two-day BLAST Pro Series competitions before starting this project. This assisted them in gathering community comments, developing the best ideas, and ultimately getting off to a fantastic start in 2020.

How was BLAST Premier founded?

As we've already mentioned, RFRSH began with a series of small-scale but outstanding competitions. Only six teams took part in them, and they lasted for two days. There weren't many matches because other than the championship match, they were all played under the Best of 1 format. At these competitions, nearly identical teams competed.

Format of BLAST Premier

RFRSH created a hosting system with three distinct stages for the Premier seasons. The first is a 12-team group stage known as the Regular Season. These teams are league partners and have committed to working only together. One-half of the teams get spots to compete in the season's final stage as a consequence of this phase. The second then advances to the subsequent Showdown level. They split a $300,000 cash award between them.

The second has a total of 10 teams. Six of them arrive following a poor performance in the Regular Season, and two more get direct invitations. Regional qualifications determine the remaining candidates.


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