With the exclusive Prime Offers, Warehouse Deals are back: that's when

With the exclusive Prime Offers, Warehouse Deals are back: that's when

With the exclusive Prime Offers, Warehouse Deals are back

The new Amazon Prime Day scheduled for October has been christened Prime Exclusive Offers by the ecommerce giant, and as happened for the July event it will be introduced by the so-called Warehouse Deals - special discounts referring to goods returned within the portal and put back in sale from Amazon at reduced prices. As we explained a few days ago, the Prime Exclusive Offers are a two-day marathon during which thousands of products can be purchased at discounted prices by all Amazon Prime users. And as for the Amazon Prime Day in July, also the exclusive Prime Offers are accompanied by initiatives and collateral offers that will be unveiled on the main page of the event and will take the lead: the Warehouse deals are part of the package and will start already this weekend .

Amazon Warehouse discounts

Amazon Warehouse is the section of the ecommerce portal dedicated to the resale of items returned by users, due to small defects or simply for a legitimate change of opinion after sales. Since this commodity is in effect used or defective, the group puts it back on the market at reduced prices. All this obviously happens by ensuring that the products are working, and assigning them a rating that helps new buyers to understand what possible defects to expect once the box is opened.

The Warehouse Deals foreseen in the next few hours are cumulative discounts that further lower the price of some goods already reduced as a result of their presence in the Warehouse section. Specifically, during the deals that pave the way for Prime Exclusive Offers, 10% discounts will be given on items selected by Amazon.

When the Warehouse Deals start

Given that the exclusive Prime Offers will take place on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 October, for the Warehouse Deals Amazon wanted to open the dances well in advance: the discounts of the 10% will start from midnight on Saturday 1st October and will last until Thursday 24th November. In this case, in order to secure the most interesting deals, it is particularly important to be alert: since these are returns, the quantities available in stock of each item are limited or extremely limited.

How to know in what condition they are the products

Buying something in a poke can be anxious, especially knowing that the goods have already been returned once or have an established defect. For this reason, Amazon has drawn up a rating scale that anticipates what can be expected from purchases. It is found together with the product description, and each item corresponds to the following descriptions.

Used - Like new: indicates perfect condition, with all accessories present and guaranteed operation, while the packaging may have some damage. Used - Excellent condition: excellent condition and operation due to previous limited use, there may be cosmetic surface defects and the packaging may be damaged or have been replaced. Any missing accessories are indicated in the description. Used - Good condition: good aesthetic and functional condition, there may be scratches or other small defects, the packaging can be damaged or replaced and here too the missing accessories are indicated in the description. Used - Acceptable condition: guaranteed functionality, but evident signs of wear for example on corners or edges, but also scratches, dents and other defects. For the rest, packaging and accessories like the previous ones.

How to make returns

The fact that the products have already been returned once should not discourage the purchase: those who are not satisfied with an item can still make a return for free, receiving the full amount in exchange spent during the transaction. Logically the concept does not apply to replacements: a product purchased on Amazon Warehouse cannot be exchanged for a new unit.

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