Dryers | The best of 2022

Dryers | The best of 2022

There are numerous household appliances that can help complete daily chores and among these there are dryers, whose job is to dry wet clothes, after having them washed perhaps by an excellent washing machine. In this regard, before taking care of the dryers, we take the opportunity to remind you that we also have a guide dedicated to the best washing machines.

Read also: Washing machines | The best of 2022 As anticipated, owning a dryer inside your home, whether it is inside a closet or garage, means saving time and effort during the drying phase of clothes, at the cost of a very reasonable energy consumption. , as long as you rely on efficient and modern solutions. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this article is just that, that is to list what are, in our opinion, the best dryers you can buy right now, as well as future ones, since we will keep the article updated periodically in order to guarantee that you can always buy the latest models.

However, the advantages of a good dryer are not limited only to drying the clothes, but to avoid having to iron them and, above all, to remove any bacteria that may remain attached even after washing or creep in when they are going to lay out in the open air. Having said that, the time has come to find out which are the best dryers, and then learn, in the second part of the article, which are the main factors to consider when buying.

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