Area B and Area C of Milan: new timetables, prohibitions and payment

Area B and Area C of Milan: new timetables, prohibitions and payment

Area B and Area C of Milan

Starting from last 2012, Milan has introduced a limited traffic zone (ZTL) known as Area C; dedicated to the most central circle of the Milanese capital, Area C limits access to the Cerchia dei Bastioni to the most polluting vehicles.

Subsequently, analyzing the result obtained with Area C, the Region decided to introduce in 2018 an even larger area called Area B. Unlike Area C, the mega-ZTL is bordered by 186 electronic gates, which photograph, as in Area C, the license plate of the car entering and exiting the gates themselves. While for Area C there is a ticket to access, if the vehicle class is "too polluting", for Area B a payment service is not yet active.

The zones and times

But what are the precise zones dedicated to Area C and Area B? All information is always available on the website of the Municipality of Milan, but for the sake of completeness we have decided to report it also below. | ); }
The area dedicated to Area B is drastically larger and covers a large part of the Milanese capital; more precisely, the available gates are 186 and cover a very large area, from Molino Dorino to Rogoredo, from Bicocca to Lorenteggio. There are exceptions "outside" the classic Area B, for example Chiaravalle is also included, while the entire long Viale di Alcide de Gasperi is excluded to allow motorists to get as close as possible to the city and public transport. Area B is active from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 to 19:30, excluding holidays. | ); }

The entrance ticket: how and where to pay

The simplest way is through a simple message: if your telephone operator is TIM, Vodafone or WINDTRE, it is possible to send a SMS to number 48444, typing the text: “AREAC.targa”. Other purchase channels are (affiliated) garages, tobacconists, newsagents, ATM points, ATMs, SISAL and PUNTOLIS tobacconists, newsstands or bars affiliated with LIS Pay S.p.A, PayPal. Finally, it is possible to pay with the Telepass service directly on the Telepass account, thanks to the reading of the license plate with the camera system; in order to use this system it is necessary to enable the service, online or through Punto Blu or Telepass Points. In general, the tariff for Area C is as follows:

Who pays Amount Electric cars Free Hybrid cars Free Electric scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles Free Vehicles carrying disabled people or people going to the emergency room Free Cars petrol, diesel, gas for non-residents in Area C 5 euros Petrol, diesel, gas cars for residents in Area C 3 euros (after 41st access. The first 40 accesses are free) Petrol, diesel, gas cars for those who park in structures agreement 2 euro Who entered without a ticket but activates it after midnight of the day following the entrance (within 7 days of entry) 15 euro Multiple access or recharge of the PIN associated with the license plate 30/60 euro Bus and NCC Details No payment is currently planned for Area B. Nobody pays for access and it is not possible to buy a ticket since there is no ticket: anyone who enters Area B can use the Daily Bonuses. Once the bonuses have expired, it will not be possible to log in. Daily Bonuses are limited and differ between residents and non-residents; for more information, we report a more detailed mirror available directly on the website of the Municipality of Milan.

Who cannot enter

Each ZTL has its own regulation to be taken into consideration and, in order to avoid unpleasant sanctions, we advise you to carefully check the existing restrictions. In any case, considering the near deadline, we already report the limitations that will come into force starting from next October 1st.

Area C:

Euro 2 petrol; Euro 3 and 4 diesel with DPF as standard; Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 diesel with after-market FAP installed by December 2018 and with an upgrade class (reported on the registration certificate) for the particulate mass equal to at least Euro 4; Euro 5 diesel. Furthermore, the following cannot enter:

vehicles and vehicle complexes exceeding 7.5 meters in length, excluding those for which derogations are envisaged; vehicles intended for the transport of things limited to the time slot 08: 00-10: 00. Area B:

Euro 2 petrol; Euro 4 diesel without DPF; Euro 4 diesel with standard DPF and V.5 range> 0.0045 g / km or without value; Euro 3, 4 diesel with DPF as standard and with V.5 field registration certificate Euro 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 diesel with after-market DPF installed by 31/12/2018 and with particulate mass class equal to at least Euro 4; Euro 4 diesel with after-market DPF installed after 31/12/2018 and with particulate mass class equal to at least Euro 4; Euro 5 diesel.

Who enters for free

Vehicles carrying disabled people (with a badge) or people heading to the hospital emergency room enter Area C for free. Access is free for electric vehicles, mopeds and motor vehicles (motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles). Hybrid cars, on the other hand, must comply with specific characteristics:

class M1 (electric-thermal propulsion) with emission contribution ≤ 100 g / km: class M1 with CO2 emission contribution> 100 g / km, for which the payment will start from 1 October 2022: hybrid vehicles other than passenger cars (i.e. classes M2, M3, N1, N2, N3), for which payment will start from 1 October 2023. To check all these values, it is necessary to consult the Card of Circulation, ex libretto, and analyze fields J, V7 and V5; respectively dedicated to the class, the CO2 value and the particulate emissions.

Who must pay

All categories not mentioned in the previous two paragraphs must pay the ticket to access Area C, in any case it is possible to check their own merit class and relative , if any, payment on the official website


What happens if I cross a gate and forget to to pay ? What if I can't cross it instead? Let's go in order. If you have forgotten to pay for access to Area C by h. 24 of the following day, you can regularize access and make payment within 7 days of entry by purchasing and activating a € 15 ticket. Conversely, if you enter Area C (or Area B) with a polluting vehicle, the penalty varies according to the "severity" of your emissions and the fine varies from 80 to 335 euros.

Suspension of Area C and Area B

Cyclically, on the occasion of the ATM Transport strikes, the Municipality of Milan decides to temporarily suspend the payment of tickets to access the ZTL; we therefore recommend checking the functioning of the areas in case of limitations to public transport.


Starting from 1 October 2021, the Municipality of Milan has joined the MoVe-In experimentation (Monitoring of Polluting Vehicles) for Area B; or the ZTL which limits the use of the most polluting vehicles in urban areas.

What is it about? MoVe-In is, to all intents and purposes, a black box that can be installed by those who own an older vehicle subjected to traffic restrictions. In order to join the trial, the citizen will have to register on the online platform and install, as anticipated, a black box that will record the kilometers traveled. Depending on the pollutant class of your vehicle, it will be possible to travel a limited number of km per year without penalties. The kilometers are counted every day of the week and 24 hours a day.

More in detail, the MoVe-In system allows you to travel up to:

200 km / year with a petrol Euro 0; 300 km / year with a petrol or diesel Euro 1; 600 km / year with a Euro 2 diesel; 1,500 km / year with a Euro 3 diesel. What is the correlation between Area B and MoVe-In? Simple, since there are no tickets in Area B, motorists will have a series of annual entrances to use, provided by the Municipality or by the MoVe-In “tariff”.

Future limitations

As we know, new access bans will be in force from 1 October 2022, rules that will be tightened later in 2024, 2027 and 2029. More in detail, the Municipality of Milan plans to ban in Area C:

From 1 October 2024 Euro 3 petrol Euro 6 diesel A-B-C purchased after 31.12.2018 From 1 October 2027 Euro 4 petrol Euro 6 diesel A-B-C purchased before 31.12.2018 From October 1st 2029 Euro 6 diesel D_TEMP Euro 6 diesel D From October 1st 2030 Euro 5 petrol


By parking in an affiliated garage (here the list) it is possible to obtain discounts on the access ticket to the Area C: admission for non-residents drops to 3 euros. Important concessions are also provided for vehicles of historical interest equipped with a specific coupon, more information is available on the website of the Municipality of Milan.

Credits: Wilhelm Gunkel via Unsplash

Common questions

How can I activate the ticket for access to Area C?

The activation is contextual to the purchase in the dedicated counters mentioned at the beginning of this article, such as parking meters, newsstands, through Lottomatica, through SISAL, PayPal, Telepass and with SMS.

When must the ticket be activated?

On the day you access the Area or at the latest by 24:00 the next day. Different speech for the discounted rates, such as garages, which must be activated by midnight of the same day.

What is the difference between Area C and Area B?

The two ZTLs differ in type of access and size; while Area C is limited to the Cerchia dei Bastioni, Area B includes a much larger area.

Do hybrid cars pay for Area C and in Area B?

For hybrid cars it is necessary to check the level of emissions reported on the Vehicle Registration Card, depending on the emission class a different rate will be available.

Do electric cars enter Area C for free?

Electric cars don't have to pay any tickets, admission is always free.

I don't have a car compatible with the rules but I don't want to use public transport, what can I do?

Simple, if the season permits, to use a micromobility device. The market offers numerous opportunities, from e-bikes to electric scooters.


If your car does not fall within the numerous restrictions imposed by the Municipality of Milan and you are looking for a new, greener car, remember that regional and government eco-incentives are always available. Furthermore, if you want a generic idea on the type of electricity to buy around 20 thousand euros, we recommend that you read this in-depth analysis.


Despite numerous protests by trade unions and some parties, there are no exceptions or changes to the new regulation in sight.

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