Masks for children | The best of 2022

Masks for children | The best of 2022

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of dealing with daily life for over 2 years and, although the emergency is now over, it is still advisable to pay attention and prevent possible infections. The most substantial difference in our daily life can be attributed to wearing the much discussed but useful masks which, between obligations and sometimes unclear regulations, are still today a part of our clothing that we cannot do without, especially for the hospital environments, which from 1 October will remain the only ones to have the obligation to wear a mask. The realization in large quantities has meant that many people have started looking for customized masks, which are requested above all by the youngest. It is no coincidence that children's masks have acquired so much importance, also thanks to an advancement of the pandemic, which has shown how even the smallest are at risk of getting sick with Covid-19, albeit in a milder form than adults.

Read also: FFP2 Masks | The best of 2022 With this article we want to collect the best masks for children, focusing not only on the quality and filtering capacity of these protective devices, but also on their appearance. For the little ones, in fact, a colored or personalized mask with their favorite character could play a fundamental role in choosing which model to buy. Not only that, a model full of colors could also help the boy or girl who insists on not wearing it to keep it more easily on the face.

Below you will find a selection of masks for children that, in our opinion, should be taken into consideration. For an economic and reliability issue, we have chosen Amazon as a reference point for purchases, given that the well-known e-commerce often turns out to be the best as regards the quality / price ratio even on this kind of items, as well as one of the faster in getting the products home.

The best masks for children

Karaeasy iPiccoli Eurekaled Alfamed FasterPrint


Often available at discounted price through our recommendations, Karaeasy children's masks are certainly among the most recommended. Those reported by us boast a package full of assorted colors, ideal for those who prefer to wear a mask that is always different and to entice the little ones to wear it more easily. The Karaeasy are among the most reliable not only because they are produced in Italy, but also because they comply with European certifications which confirm the quality of the product. Although they are designed for the little ones, they have an adjustable nose pad and can change shape to adapt to your little one's face.

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With three comfortable protective layers in TNT, these masks ensure excellent protection against viruses and are specially designed for the little ones. Equipped with certification, these models are odorless and hypoallergenic and boast a soft and non-abrasive material in contact with the skin. It is difficult to find better masks, even if it must be said that all those proposed by us in this article are of the highest quality, with the elastics designed to offer maximum comfort even in the long term, as it could be inside a school.
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If you are looking for a pack of masks for children composed not only of assorted colors but also of a wide choice of textures and drawings, then the Eurekaled are the ones that will do for you. The little ones will have the opportunity to choose numerous colors and patterns, thus being able to wear the mask that best suits their mood. Obviously we are always faced with high quality solutions, equipped with hypoallergenic material with high filtering and hygienic potential. Do not miss the ergonomic nose pad, which will allow you to keep them worn for a long time without creating discomfort.

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Among the most reliable we cannot fail to mention the Alfamed solutions, since they are produced in Italy and pass through strict security checks. They are also quite inexpensive and recognized as a medical device, which makes them odorless and very efficient in protecting the face, nose and mouth. Perfect for school and free time, since they are designed so as not to fog the glasses of the glasses. In short, with Alfamed comfort and quality will be assured!

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Among the most reliable masks for children there are those sold by FasterPrint, which boast 3 layers of protection to ensure almost 100% filtering power. The little ones can indulge themselves in choosing multiple colors and will be happy to discover that they can keep them on the face even for a long time without feeling any kind of discomfort, neither on the face nor on the ears. Also in this case we are dealing with a 100% Italian product, equipped with all the documentation that certifies the tests performed and the presence of the CE certificate.

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How choose the mask for children

The masks for children are a protective device designed to safeguard the health of people just like those for adults, and that is why it is necessary to check that they are certified. Unlike the FFP2, the children's masks do not have numbers or marks printed on them, which is why the certification will be found on the packaging. In the case of surgical masks, the certification must take into account the technical standard EN 14683. Basically, this is the only factor to consider when purchasing these protective devices, but it could be interesting to explore the various topics in the next paragraphs.

How to check the certification of children's masks?

Although in most cases the presence of the certification is authentic, the most doubtful may seek further confirmation. If you are among them, our advice is to check some details that we will illustrate below. First, select an image of the product in which the packaging is clearly shown. At this point you should be able to read various abbreviations and codes, which should contain:

An indication that it is a medical device, often referred to as a DM The technical standard referred to EN 14683 The CE mark

The comfort of masks for children

In certain circumstances, such as at school, the mask must be worn for many hours, which is why buying a model capable of holding itself firmly on the face and equipped with soft elastics will be essential , also for the speech concerning the prerogative of the lenses. Usually, the best mask manufacturers report in the description whether or not their models have special precautions and details, aimed at improving wearability.

Is the brand of children's masks important?

Since the quality of a children's mask is attested with a few and small precautions, including certification, the brand takes on negligible, if any, importance. Although there are excellent Italian brands such as Sicura Protection, therefore, our advice is not to focus too much on this aspect, paying attention to other factors reported in the previous paragraphs.

How to use masks for children

Even if thanks to our guide you now know which are the safest FFP2 masks, as well as the methods that will allow you to verify with certainty whether a particular product is certified or not, we still want to give you further suggestions regarding its use. In fact, many people wonder how long the mask can be worn before changing it. According to the rules of use in the world of work, it should be replaced after 4 hours but, obviously, this is not sustainable for a number of reasons, first of all the expenditure in terms of money.

In any case, a lot it depends on the context. If you usually wear it outdoors, you can easily change it after several days. It is different, however, if you work in a hospital where, especially in this Covid period, it is recommended to change it twice a day. For those who work in the office, however, it is recommended to change it only once a day. Another method you may want to consider to know when to replace it is to evaluate your breathing. If you notice that you are starting to find it hard to breathe, it means that the time has come to change it and wear a brand new one. faith, could expose them to contagion risk. We obviously talk about not wearing it in the right way or taking it off all the time, which obviously should be avoided if you want the mask to perform its role correctly. It is therefore necessary to make them adhere well to the face and always use the hook behind the neck.

All masks, including the FFP2 and FFP3 intended for adults, become useless if the most important hygiene principles are neglected. For example, if you return home after a long bus or train ride, where you have touched the handrails and handles, removed the mask and scratched your nose, the sense of wearing it disappears. If you type on your computer keyboard all morning and then go to lunch without washing your hands first, you are taking a high risk. Even in this case, wearing it on the workstation would have been useless.

Better one or two masks for children?

Especially during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was sometimes recommended to wear more than one mask at the same time, superimposing them on top of each other. This might make sense for adults, but toddlers are advised to wear only one for safety reasons inherent in breathing which, as you know, requires more attention on children.

What is the capacity filtering of children's masks?

Surgical masks are disposable medical devices, usually having 3 overlapping layers of non-woven fabric (TNT), which provide a very limited protection against viruses and bacteria. These models, in fact, are able to stop only the droplets of secretions, also called droplets, but they are totally ineffective against aerosol systems, which usually contain small infectious particles. That said, this type of mask should only be used in small crowds and in non-contaminated environments.

How should children wear the mask?

Children should follow the same principles of adults regarding the use of masks, which means that they should clean their hands for at least 20 seconds if using alcohol or at least 40 seconds if using soap and water, all before putting on the mask. Make sure the baby mask is the right size to cover the nose, mouth and chin. Children may need to be taught how to wear the mask correctly, including not touching the front and not pulling it under the chin. In addition, you must be careful that the little ones do not share the same mask with other children.

When should children wear the mask?

From 6 years of age the same rules apply. of adults, while children under 6 are excluded from the obligation.

When children should NOT wear a mask?

Children should not wear a mask when playing sports or activities such as running, jumping or playing in parks, so that the protective device does not impair breathing. When organizing these activities for children it is important to respect all other safety measures instead, including being spaced out from others, limiting the number of children playing together and providing access to hygiene facilities. >

How to entice the child to wear the mask

The little ones may not appreciate the face mask, even if it is a model designed especially for them. In this case, we must set a good example and the most effective method is to show us that we are wearing it too. Also, be positive, as the little ones will try not to wear it if they notice that you constantly complain about yours. In addition to this, make sure you always have multiple spare masks, as it is very easy for children to lose them. Finally, another way to try and get them to wear the mask is to reward them. This may not work for everyone, but we're sure offering stickers or candy whenever your child wears the nose mask correctly will help a lot.

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