Civil rights will be the easy target of an autumn of crisis

Civil rights will be the easy target of an autumn of crisis

The result was quite obvious, also because the polls have largely anticipated it: Fratelli d'Italia and Giorgia Meloni win over 26% of the votes in the political elections with the lowest turnout since the institution of the Republic and drive a right-wing coalition with a League halved to 8%, at the same level as Forza Italia. And it is equally obvious to write that hard times will come for civil rights. Those of women. Those of migrants and those who, despite living in Italy for years, having been born there or having attended schools, cannot obtain Italian citizenship. Those of the lgbt + community. Those of all those who cannot be inscribed in the "norm", in the traditional family, in the "Judeo-Christian roots" of Europe and all the borders that the rhetoric of Giorgia Meloni and Brothers of Italy, but also of the League of Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia have drawn up.

It is not a pilgrim cry of alarm. It is an observation, because if Meloni manages to form the right-wing government that is expected to present, after the result at the polls, the war on rights will be an easy game to distract people from the perfect storm in which we find ourselves: crisis of the 'energy, galloping inflation, stagnant wages, bottlenecks in industrial supply chains, the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine and the long tail of lockdowns against Covid-19. In this context and with very tight times, the future government will have to put a difficult budget law on paper.

Meloni has promised solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises, so much so that it has managed to undermine the League in its own forts (overtaken in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia), but what will happen when the time comes to provide the answers and won't the answers be as easy as the election promises? When, just to give an example, it will be necessary to decide whether the Piombino regasification plant is to be built or not, with all due respect to the mayor of his own party?

In that moment, rights and minorities will be the easy target . The evergreen immigration emergency. The lgbt + community and the cartoon with a single-parent family (it seems to have already been heard, right?). The security issue. The right to abortion, entrusted to the hands of a party like the Lega that declares itself to be "pro-life", which is the exact opposite of an approach to protect the choice of women (and the fact that Senator Simone Pillon has remained outside Parliament is not enough to consider himself out of danger). It's the right of "okay, as long as they do it at home". Our home, however, and I say this because I am part of these minorities, is our whole country. A right that we will have to claim all the more in the face of attempts at delegitimization aimed at compacting the country against some easy targets, hiding the difficulties of an autumn that will be hot.

Not that others can sleep peacefully. Meloni's is a markedly statist recipe, which in the name of national interest risks putting the state coffers under pressure. Alias, your money. See the Ita case, on which Fratelli d'Italia has already expressed itself with many reservations about the sale, carried out by the Draghi government. And let's not delude ourselves that it is enough to draw on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. They gave us a lot of money because we were less good than the others. And if we don't know how to spend them well, we will end up with only more debt to repay.

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