Electric toothbrushes | The best of 2022

Electric toothbrushes | The best of 2022

Electric toothbrushes are now a widespread product on the market. In addition to being practical to use, they are also very reliable, to the point that today most dentists suggest to their patients the transition from traditional toothbrushes to electric ones. Proper tooth and gum brushing is crucial for good oral hygiene and preventing annoying complications such as tartar build-up, cavities or, worse, tooth loss. investment may seem demanding, the speed of movement and the pressure of the heads offered by an electric toothbrush are unmatched for the degree of cleanliness. After a few uses, you will already notice substantial differences, with plaque and tartar reducing considerably within a few days. Furthermore, the possibility of replacing the heads and selecting different brushing modes makes electric toothbrushes an extraordinarily versatile product.

Read also: Economic electric toothbrushes | The best of 2022 Some models are equipped with a timer that will notify you when the cleaning is finished, others have sophisticated pressure sensors that will allow you to use them like a standard toothbrush, calibrating the speed and intensity of the action of the head according to the way you brush your teeth. The most demanding of you can opt for a smart electric toothbrush, which uses Bluetooth connectivity to synchronize cleaning sessions with a dedicated app, indicating the areas of the mouth that require more careful action from time to time. In other words, once you experience the benefits of an electric toothbrush it will be difficult for you to go back to the old traditional toothbrush.

On the other hand, however, and precisely by virtue of the wide range of models available on the market, choosing the right electric toothbrush can be difficult. If you are not well informed, the risk is to get a product that will be set aside after a few uses. To help you make your decision, we have compiled this guide to the best electric toothbrushes currently available on the market. The selection was made taking into account the best models by type, category of users and value for money, so that each of you will be satisfied with your purchase.

The best electric toothbrushes

Oral-B iO Series 10 Oral-B iO Series 9s Oclean X Philips Sonicare HX6830 / 53 Oral-B Kids Spider Man

Oral-B iO Series 10 | The best on the market

Arrived on the market very recently, Oral-B iO Series 10 is, without a doubt, the most advanced (and expensive) electric toothbrush on the market! We are talking about a device that not only guarantees perfect cleaning of the teeth, with great care for the health of the gums, but also of a product that integrates, and partly expands, the now well-known iO technologies. And so, in addition to a beautiful display integrated into the handle, iO Series 10 includes a magnetic charging base with integrated clock and speaker, and even an even more advanced AI, able to offer real coaching for cleaning activities. dental, possible thanks to a continuous and in-depth 3D monitoring of daily brushing. The only setback? A decidedly high price since we are talking about a product sold for the beauty of € 499.99, although often already discounted at much less.


Oral- B iO Series 9s | Technology at an acceptable price

Technologically advanced, but a step below the splendid iO Series 10, the Oral-B iO Series 9s toothbrush is the ideal choice for those who, while wanting a technical and reliable product, have no intention of break through the threshold of 300 euros for the purchase. Threshold that, in reality, is often even lower if we consider that, especially after the arrival of the latest addition to the range, the price of this product is often around 180 euros, more than acceptable for such a high-level toothbrush. . Equipped with a magnetic head with great cleaning power, assisted by micro-vibrations that increase both the feeling of freshness and the quality of cleaning, iO Series 9s is able to guarantee white teeth and healthy gums, offering 7 different cleaning modes smart, which adapt to all types of needs. Finally, the 3D monitoring will show you with the utmost precision the areas to brush more carefully, so as to make cleaning always complete and accurate. Obviously, like the whole iO series, it is also equipped with a nice color display, interactive and full of useful information.


Oclean X | Best inexpensive electric toothbrush

If you are buying your first electric toothbrush and want to keep an eye on your budget, the Oclean X is for you. Despite the reduced price, it still offers a respectable set of features, such as the LCD touchscreen display, with which you can easily and intuitively set your favorite brushing mode. The built-in six-axis gyroscope allows this toothbrush to monitor each of the eight areas of the palate, thus providing complete and detailed oral hygiene. If you wish, you can also connect it to the dedicated app to customize the type of cleaning and the level of sensitivity. What's more, the battery inside the handle can be used for up to one month without recharging.


Philips Sonicare HX6830 / 53 | Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush

General Photos Anyone who has already tried an electric toothbrush knows that cleaning mode can be crucial in choosing the product. And if you're looking for the best sonic cleaning device out there, you can't help but take a look at the Philips Sonicare HX6830 / 53. This electric toothbrush uses the high frequency oscillation to make teeth whiter in less than a week from the first use, all without damaging the gums or enamel. The pressure sensor is designed to recognize the most delicate areas and will detect the presence of implants or dental appliances. The supplied base takes up very little space and recalls the sober but elegant design of the toothbrush, which also comes with a practical travel case.


Oral -B Kids Spider Man | Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Getting babies accustomed to proper oral hygiene is one of the main tasks of a parent. And in order for your children to use the electric toothbrush independently, the latter must not only be effective, but also intriguing. The Spider Man Oral-B Kids, in this case, is the perfect compromise. In addition to the design finished in detail with colors, images and patterns inspired by Spider-Man, this toothbrush offers a sensitive cleaning mode designed especially for children. It cleans the teeth with precision but, thanks to the round head with extra-soft bristles, it is also delicate. It is also equipped with an integrated timer that signals the end of cleaning, thus helping the child to learn the right hygiene habits.


How to choose the toothbrush electric

Electric toothbrushes are composed of two main parts: the interchangeable head and the handle. The head is very similar to that of traditional toothbrushes. It is covered with bristles that move automatically according to predefined movements and almost always has a rectangular or round shape. The latter type is the most recommended by dentists, as it removes food residues, plaque and tartar more easily, while reducing the risk of gum bleeding.

The head of an electric toothbrush it can be removed, replaced and reassembled if necessary. Each of them performs specific brushing functions, ranging from the most intense cleaning to the more localized or delicate ones. Depending on the electric toothbrush you choose, you can find different types of brush heads already included in the box or, alternatively, you can buy them separately.

With some exceptions, the brush heads are almost all compatible with the vast majority of electric toothbrushes . During use of the device, the head is moved by the motor, which is located inside the handle and can be powered by battery or electricity. Often, it will be precisely the type of motor that determines the price of the electric toothbrush: the cheap ones reach 4500 rpm, while the high-end models reach up to 9000. As for the handle, it is essential that it has a good grip. It must be comfortable to hold and of the right size for the type of user (in electric toothbrushes for children, not surprisingly, the handle is smaller than the variant for adults).

Electric toothbrushes are supplied with the appropriate charging base. The bases with wall attachment allow you to keep the toothbrush away from dust and water. Depending on the model you choose, the box could also contain a box for storing the interchangeable heads (or in some cases a compartment integrated directly into the charging base).

Since you will have to brush your teeth several times at the day, it is essential that the electric toothbrush is always ready for use and, for this reason, we recommend that you choose one with a good autonomy. The most demanding can opt for a model with a quick recharge function, excellent both for those who do not remember to charge their toothbrush frequently, and for those who do not want to find a product that requires long recharging sessions in their hands.
Some electric toothbrushes are equipped with interesting secondary accessories (such as a practical travel case) or with spare parts that you will find directly in the box. The price could go up, but it will be a very prudent investment: a good supply of spare parts and extra accessories will allow you to save on the purchase of future components and to equip yourself with some useful options that will help improve your user experience. br>

Cleaning Mode

One of the most important features to pay attention to is the cleaning mode, which varies according to the type of head movement and the programs built into the device. The brush head will have to brush the teeth reaching even the most hidden areas and interdental spaces, which are usually difficult to clean with a normal toothbrush. At the moment, the main cleaning modes you will find in electric toothbrushes are of three types: rotation, oscillation and sonic technology.

The rotating head will move clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing the bristles to wrap around the tooth and remove dirt also from the base of the gums (essential to prevent the accumulation of tartar and, consequently, the formation of caries).

The oscillating head performs a movement similar to that which would be done using a normal toothbrush , but with better results. Movements that are too repetitive or in only one direction risk not cleaning the tooth well. By swinging the head in both directions, on the other hand, this type of mode ensures complete cleaning, capable of removing even the most stubborn dirt.

Sonic technology cleaning, on the other hand, is suitable for those with plaque problems. In this case, the head moves at a much higher speed and intensity than in the previous modes and acts on the tooth with a vibratory effect.

In most models currently on the market, the cleaning modes are integrated with programs specific, which differ in duration, types of movements and effects produced by the head on teeth and gums. Some programs are designed for carrying out daily cleaning, while others are slightly more aggressive and allow you to perform special brushing, such as whitening. If you have sensitive gums or suffer from periodontitis, an electric toothbrush with a gentle cleaning program might be for you.

Electric toothbrushes for children

Teaching your children to take care of theirs oral hygiene is an operation that is as important as it is sometimes complicated. Proper teeth cleaning requires precise movements, which may be difficult for a child to perform. In this regard, a good electric toothbrush can be a real godsend: these devices do almost everything by themselves and, to use them, you just need to place the brush head on your teeth. Some models for children are also full of cute decorations or cartoon images.

For the more hasty children, there are electric toothbrushes with a timer, which will notify them once the cleaning is complete. These toothbrushes are usually smaller in size than adult ones. To be used regularly, the product must be practical and easily manageable, but also delicate enough not to damage the teeth and gums of the little ones. In particular, the bristles should always be soft and rounded in shape, a crucial feature to avoid damaging tooth enamel.

Even in children's models we find cleaning methods similar to those of electric toothbrushes for adults ( rotation, oscillation, sonic technology), but with the difference that, in the first case, each mode is less aggressive. Considering the age range of users, you will not find invasive cleaning features such as whitening. In addition to the standard 2-minute daily cleaning program, some models also offer a lighter brushing mode, particularly suitable for children under the age of 6. It is a type of cleaning with a short duration (1 minute), ideal for helping the little one to become familiar with the device.


Electric toothbrushes are very long-lasting products, which they tend to last considerably longer than a normal toothbrush. The fact of being able to replace the heads instead of having to buy the entire device each time is extremely advantageous and will allow you to continue using the same toothbrush for several years. Nevertheless, be aware that there are some small tricks that will further improve the yield of the product.

For example, it is a good habit to disassemble the head and dry it after each use, in order to always keep it sanitized and prevent accumulation on the bristles of germs or limescale. Using a protective case or head cap isn't bad either. Also remember that while the electric toothbrush is waterproof, the same cannot be said for the charging base. To avoid unpleasant surprises, therefore, make sure you install it in a safe location and away from water.

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