Five things you will find in a new online bookmaker

Betting online from the comfort of your home is easy, no matter where you live. People can use an online bookmaker even in jurisdictions where iGaming is not allowed because there are things like VPNs. Speaking of iGaming sites, there are many new bookmakers providing amazing things to people who decide to put them to the test. Those sites go through the needed steps to start operating and are more than happy to gain new users.


Unsurprisingly, new online bookmakers have to go toe to toe with the old ones. This is not easy because those places need to offer something different if they want to stand out. So, let’s skim through some of the available options you may find while using a new online bookmaker.


License from the MGA or Curacao’s government


The online bookmakers that want to offer legit services need to offer users a safe platform. Aside from all of the other security features, those people also need to have a permit from a reputable gambling commission.


There are some places that want to get a permit in every country they operate in. However, since this process takes a lot of time and requires a lot of money, some companies prefer to get a license from two specific places.


The Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao’s government are two of the most popular places regarding international betting licenses. These two gambling commissions are known in the business for their strict rules. Hence, the bookies with a permit must adhere to various regulations.


New payment options


Since some of the new online betting operators need to provide something special, some places focus on giving their users additional payment options. Of course, you can find the start options like debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers, but some sites go one step further.


Speaking of new payment options, cryptocurrencies are the thing that stands out. Some of the new bookies pay a lot of attention to them, so you can expect to find a wide array of things. In addition to Bitcoin, some sites have XRP, LTC, TRON, and so on.


More promotions


One of the many things that make the established online bookmakers so popular is the bonuses. Users with more experience know they can find gambling companies that will provide them with a wide range of propositions, so they decide to give them a chance.


Seeing that the bonuses play a role in every bookie’s popularity, the brands that are new to the industry decide to copy them. As a result, some new online bookmakers also have a wide range of propositions.


The promotions for new customers and the bonuses for existing ones will give you access to a variety of things. We can’t include everything in this review, but online bettors can often find things like a VIP program or something more exclusive.


Different social media options


One of the most significant differences between the online betting operators with many years of experience and those just getting started is the addition of exclusive options related to social media. Some of the new companies use those things a lot because they know that social media play a crucial role in many people’s lives.


For example, almost every betting operator that opened its doors in the last couple of years allows clients to sign up using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Some even add things like Twitch and Google because many online bettors use those two things daily.


In addition to using social media as a login option, some sites also require people to use them in order to get a given bonus or use a special feature. One of the examples is Bet Builder, an option that some bookies only offer to Twitter users.


New betting features


The last thing that you can find while using an online bookmaker that does not have a lot of experience is new betting features. Every site will have Cash Out and Live Betting, but the companies new to iGaming might provide even more innovative options. For example, you may have the chance to switch your bet or use it for something else.


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