The things you must never do while driving

The things you must never do while driving

There are widespread driving habits among motorists which can however lead to critical situations and therefore be dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle itself and for the color that is in the immediate vicinity. While, as mentioned in the in-depth information dedicated to driving in slippers and without a shirt, there are "customs" that do not involve particular risks, there are other situations that could jeopardize safety. We know this, while for some they could represent obvious things related to common sense and the desire to always be in the maximum safety conditions, unfortunately we are aware that there are still not very clear behaviors.

Eating and drinking

Everyone has the classic peckishness while driving, especially on long journeys, and in order not to lengthen journey times, it is not uncommon to observe people eat while I'm behind the wheel. Eating while traveling is never advisable, especially if you overdo the calories as there is a risk that digestion slows down or may even cause you to fall asleep.

Eating or drinking behind the wheel is a real distraction, but what does the Highway Code say? While Art. 173 only mentions the use of mobile phones while driving, Art. 141 states "The driver must always keep control of his vehicle and be able to carry out all the necessary maneuvers in safe conditions. , especially the timely stopping of the vehicle within the limits of its field of vision and in front of any foreseeable obstacle ”; It is clear that eating a sandwich while driving can be problematic. The penalty, if you are caught with your hands full, ranges from a minimum of 41 euros to a maximum of 168 euros.

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Using the phone

Starting a few months ago, new rules for the Highway Code are available which aim to tighten the penalties dedicated to drivers who use their smartphone or tablet while driving . As Art. 173 mentions "it is forbidden for the driver to use radiotelephone equipment, smartphones, laptops, notebooks, tablets and similar devices while driving, which involve even temporarily removing the hands from the steering wheel".

However, the use of hands-free devices or with earphones remains permitted, provided that the driver has adequate hearing ability in both ears, which do not require the use of hands for their operation. Basically, it is not allowed to remove the hands from the steering wheel except temporarily.

Taking objects from the bag

As mentioned, it is important to always have the road under control, have both hands on the steering wheel and full control of the vehicle, as mentioned in this in-depth study dedicated to driving with slippers.

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