Stray | Collectibles Guide (Pins, Memories, Scores)

Stray | Collectibles Guide (Pins, Memories, Scores)

Stray | Collectibles Guide (Pins

The feline adventure of BlueTwelve Studio has finally arrived on the shelves and with it a furry protagonist to guide around a new game world. In Stray it is possible to run into different types of collectibles, not all very easy to find: in this guide we will find out where and how to find memories, sheet music and pins scattered throughout the various chapters in which the adventure is divided. >
As usual, finding all collectibles of certain types will allow you to get related trophies. We remind you that the following guide is divided into chapters, the same in which the game is divided.

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Stray: what are the collectibles to collect?

Within Stray, the feline adventure developed by BlueTwelve Studios, there are different types of collectibles. Those on which we will focus today are those that lead to the obtaining of some trophies, namely the memories, the musical scores and the pins.

Memories: these are the memories connected to the little B-12, the companion robot that accompanies our cat during his wanderings. Memories are scattered throughout practically all chapters of the game, some are obtained simply by continuing in the story while others are obtained by performing specific actions. In total, there are 27 different mementos to collect over the course of the game. Badges: These collectibles are given to the player upon completing small side quests. In total there are 6 scattered throughout the game and they are all completely optional. Music scores: this type of collectibles is only present in chapter 4 of the game and are essential to obtain one of the most difficult pins in the game; for this reason they are listed in this guide. In total there are 8 musical scores to find.

Stray's Collectibles Guide

Let's now see chapter by chapter how these collectibles are divided.

Chapter 3: the apartment

Memories: 1/1

Chapter 4: the slums

Sheet music: 1/8 | 2/8 | 3/8 | 4/8 | 5/8 | 6/8 | 7/8 | 8/8 |

Pins: musical pin (in order to obtain this pin it is necessary to deliver all the scores to the musician robot Morusque.)

Chapter 5: on the roofs

Memories: 1/3 | 2/3 | 3/3

Chapter 7: Dead end

Memories: 1/3 | 2/3 | 3/3

Brooches: the outsider's brooch

Chapter 8: The sewers

Memories: 1/2 | 2/2

Chapter 9: Villantenna

Brooches: floral brooch (To get this brooch you will need to find 3 different types of plants (red, purple, yellow) and then bring them to Malo.)

Chapter 10: infracity

Memories: 1/7 | 2/7 | 3/7 | 4/7 | 5/7 | 6/7 | 7/7

Brooches: feline brooch (to find this brooch you have to open the safe hidden in a shop with the code 8542) | police pin (to get this pin you need to examine the robot behind bars in the prison) | NECO-branded pin (this pin is found by exploring a room accessible only through the keys of the robot that works inside the NECO)

Chapter 11: prison

Memories: 1/1

Chapter 12: Control Room

Memories: 1/1

That's all, now you have all the information you need to find Stray's various collectibles and get to the end of the game with some more trophies!

Stray | Collectibles Guide (Pins

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