The Seven Deadly Sins: July's Elizabeth cosplay is beachfront

The Seven Deadly Sins: July's Elizabeth cosplay is beachfront

The Seven Deadly Sins

In such a hot summer, there is nothing better than spending a refreshing and relaxing day at the beach. Model July has seen fit to combine business with pleasure by creating a perfectly summer-themed beach cosplay of Elizabeth from The Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth is the female protagonist of Nakaba Suzuki's work. Third princess of Lyonesse, despite her she is forced to flee the kingdom to save the royal family from a plot, setting out in search of the infamous "Seven Deadly Sins", a feared order of ex-knights. In this way he will meet Meliodas, the captain of this group, and from here a long adventure full of fights, twists and colorful characters will begin.

As we can see in the shot below, July has decided to make a cosplay a little different from the usual set by the sea. This alternate version of Elizabeth wears a summery white dress and a single fishnet stocking on the left leg, a characteristic feature in common with the iconic Boar Hat maid uniform. Princess of Lyonesse cosplay we have seen galore over the years, therefore, slightly different interpretations from the usual ones are welcome and in this specific case themed with the season.

Always remaining in the realm of anime and manga, we suggest you also take a look at One Piece's Nico Robin cosplay Vlada Lutsak and Asuna from Sword Art Online by Lena relaxing in the pool. Changing completely gender, you might be interested in the cosplay of The Lady of aishimiku and that of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill by Jessica Nigri.

What do you think of July's The Seven Deadly Sins Elizabeth cosplay? Let us know in the comments.

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Seven ‘deadly sins’ of NATO

Posted: 29.07.2022 16:03:00 29 July, 16:03


The publication calls the first sin of the bloc ‘the ghost of racism’. “Europe has a double mentality of ‘historical acquaintance’ and ‘civilised superiority’ over Russia,” the author of the article believes. NATO considered Russia ‘the loser of the Cold War’ and over the past two decades it has repeatedly broken its promise ‘not to expand an inch to the east’.The second ‘sin’ of the North Atlantic Alliance lies in the ideology of the strategic ‘tool’ of the United States, which manifests itself in relation to other countries, including China, which has been made a ‘systemic challenge’ from a ‘systemic competitor’.The third ‘sin’ lies in international law. NATO has caused serious damage to relations between Finland and the Russian Federation and by its expansion wants to violate the obligations fixed by the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947, according to which neither side can create an alliance or enter into an alliance against the other side.The fourth ‘sin’ is the practice of ‘one-sidedness in the name of multilateralism’. NATO constantly says that it acts in accordance with the UN Charter, but in fact behaves like an accomplice helping the United States to pull off its dirty deeds.The fifth ‘sin’ is the formed confrontation between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, which becomes worse when the alliance tries to divide countries into groups.The sixth ‘sin’ is the ‘living fossil of the Cold War’. During the last summit, NATO called Russia ‘the most important and immediate threat’, and China — ‘a systemic challenge’.The seventh ‘sin’ is global expansion. The columnist emphasises that NATO is acting contrary to the peaceful development of China and the will of the peoples of most countries of the alliance.

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