DUBU, the Solo Leveling artist, is dead

DUBU, the Solo Leveling artist, is dead


The news arrives of the death of DUBU (aka Sung-rak Jang), known as the artist of Solo Leveling, the Korean manhwa created at REDICE Studio and published in Italy for Star Comics.

È DUBU, the Solo Leveling artist died

The same production studio just mentioned through the official social channels gave the news, specifying that death occurred due to health complications.

Solo Leveling will have its anime adaptation and I feel very excited just thinking about it. Without you fans this could not have happened, thank you for your support. I feel grateful and ask you to support the anime's production staff. If the adaptation can make readers enjoy it even more, then I'll be really happy.

Although the regret, the author went away with joy to know that his work will now reach ever higher heights and that it will be recognized even by non-readers.

The anime adaptation will be , consequently, broadcast by Crunchyroll also in our country at a later date.

The anime is directed by Shunsuke Nakashige (Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory) at A-1 Pictures studio. Noboru Kimura (Gundam Build Divers, Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!) Is responsible for the script. Tomoko Sudo (Alice in Borderland, Fragtime) is the character designer and Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack of the Giants, Blue Exorcist, Kill la Kill) composes the music.

Solo Leveling: what is it about l 'work?

This is the manhwa adaptation, published online by KakaoPage since March 2018, of the South Korean light novel of the same name written by Chugong written from 2016 to 2018 for a total of 13 volumes plus an extra independent from the main story.

The manwha was then transposed on paper by D&C Media and in May 2022 the seventh volume was launched. The eighth is expected for July 20th.

The “Gate”, a mysterious portal that connects the human world to that of terrible monsters, puts the lives of human beings at risk. People with special powers, the "hunters", fight to oppose them. Sung Jinwoo is very weak, with no special skills, and is listed as a "level E" hunter. Despite this, he tries his best to carry out his task and pay for his mother's medical bills ... But one day, following an inexplicable event, Jinwoo begins to develop his powers ... May he become an unbeatable hunter of " level S "? An unmissable read for all fans of fantasy adventures, magical fights to the death and exciting twists!

By manhwa we mean the medium of comics and cartoons in the Korean language whose influence is strongly based on classical Asian art and in particular on Chinese art. Italian publishers have been trying for some time now to introduce the medium to the market on a par with manga, not earning the same profit.

Solo Leveling artist Jang Sung-rak dies

Jang “Dubu” Sung-rak, the artist of the popular Korean webtoon Solo Leveling and CEO of Redice Studio, has died.

Redice Studio announced the news today on its official Twitter account, stating that Dubu passed on July 23. The illustrator’s cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage while suffering from a chronic illness.

Solo Leveling artist and Redice Studio CEO Jang Sung-rak dies

Redice shared that Dubu’s funeral was kept private according to the wishes of the bereaved family, with only family members and acquaintances in attendance.

Dubu began his career by drawing for various series in Japan and South Korea. Some of his earlier titles include Space Dandy, The Island of Giant Insects, and Beautiful Legends, where he is credited as both artist and author.

In 2018, Dubu became the illustrator for the webtoon adaptation of Chu-gong’s web novel, Solo Leveling. As of the time of writing, the webtoon’s Kakao page has accumulated over 48 million views.

Status of the Solo Leveling webtoon and animeSolo Leveling anime promotional imageScreenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

The webtoon published its final chapter on December 29, 2021, closing out the series with a total of 179 chapters.

A-1 Pictures, known for its animation work in Sword Art Online and Erased, will be producing the anime with Shunsuke Nakashige as the director and Noboru Kimura as the head writer. Tomoko Sudo will be the head of character design.

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